"Through the Scanner Glass" Artwork at UW-WC

Beauty and comedy emerge

UW-Washington County (UW-WC) is now showcasing artwork created by students in Art 101 and 102 drawing classes in the campus art gallery. The classes are taught by Anna Moisiadis, a member of the art department faculty at UW-WC.  In teaching students about how to see value in order to create the illusion of three-dimensionality, she instructed students to place their faces on a scanner and print a photocopy. Working from this image, students had to “work backwards.” Instead of adding the medium of charcoal to their paper, they covered their paper with charcoal and had to erase away areas of light. The results are funny and beautiful and haunting.


The art exhibit will be open to coincide with several upcoming concerts at the campus. These dates include: Friday, December 6 (John McCutcheon’s Winter Solstice, 7:30pm), Saturday, December 7 (Moraine Symphonic Band & Youth Orchestra, 3pm) Sunday, December 8 (Moraine Chorus concert, 2pm), and Tuesday, December 10 (Moraine Youth Choir, 7pm). Admission to the art exhibit is free of charge. The exhibit is also open Monday through Friday, 11am - 2pm.


UW-Washington County is located at 400 University Drive in West Bend. For information about the Fine Arts program, visit the campus website at washington.uwc.edu or phone 262-335-5208.


Sue Bausch