Student Photography Exhibit

"Early Work" features work from students in introductory and intermediate photograhy
By UW-Washington County

Rianna Benson digital photography

The work of photography students from UW-Washington County, UW-Sheboygan, and UW-Manitowoc will be on display at Gallery 224 in Port Washington from December 4 to 17, with an opening reception planned for Sunday, December 4, 2pm-4pm. Gallery 224 ( is located at 224 East Main Street in Port Washington. Admission is free.

The exhibit titled “Early Work” features work from students in introductory and intermediate photography classes from each campus.  Art instructors include Berel Lutsky at UW-Manitowoc, Tom  Uebelherr at  UW-Sheboygan and  Anna Mosiadis at UW-Washington  County. The work on display, chosen by the instructors, represents a wide variety of subject matter and reflects many of these students’ first experiences as image makers.  According to Lutsky, “Millions of photographs are made and shared every day, and few if any are remembered beyond the quick press of the “like” button on our mobile devices. Creating a memorable image vs. “taking a picture” requires the development of both skills and attention to details, and an engagement with the world that just does not happen with the quick selfie, or “portrait” of our dinner plate. The memorable image then actively engages the world beyond the simple documentation of the self.  There are some wonderful surprises here that speak well of these students’ efforts to look carefully and respond thoughtfully.”

Photography as well as drawing and other art classes are part of the curriculum offerings at the campus. For more information, visit, Spring semester begins Monday, January 23, 2017.



Sue Bausch, Regional Director of Communications