Student Art Contest Winners Announced

Awards Ceremony - Sat. April 9 during Festival
By UW-Washington County

The University of Wisconsin-Washington County (UW-WC) is pleased to announce the names of the middle and high school students who received top honors in the 2016 student art contest.  Twenty-eight schools entered artwork for the annual contest, with a total of 220 middle school entries and 164 high school entries. All of the artwork will be on display at the Festival of Arts which takes place on Saturday, April 9 from 10am to 4pm. The campus is located at 400 University Drive in West Bend.  

Judging at the high school level was completed by Josh Lesniak, art professor at UW-WC and Graeme Reid, Director of Collections/Exhibitions at Wisconsin Museum of Art. At the middle school level, judges included Lynn Molenda, an art educator and coordinator of Wisconsin’s Student Centered Learning in the Arts action research group, and Shawn Graff, Washington County Campus Foundation board member who also serves as the Executive Director of the West Bend Friends of Sculpture. Emphasis for the judging was placed on creativity, composition, originality, and use of space and color.  The five categories for both middle and high school included: Drawing, Painting, Photography and Digital Illustration, Collage and Printmaking and 3D.

“Best in Show” at the high school level went to Naomi Loduha, a junior at West Bend West High School for a beautiful collage that incorporated 47 sheets of hand painted paper. According to her art teacher, Deb Prahl, the “project took several weeks to complete and Naomi put much thought into the organization of the colors and how they would appear when cut.” Using X-acto knives, the cutting started out randomly until compositional decisions needed to be made. Rubber cement was used to glue them together. 

“Best in Show” at the middle school level was awarded to Jasmyne Beasler, an eighth grader at Badger Middle School, West Bend for her colorful self-portrait. Jasmyne is taking “Intro to the Art Experience” taught by Mr. Joseph Bertsch. According to Mr. Bertsch, students were asked to combine photography, grid drawing and color theory skills to illustrate personal identity. After capturing her digital self-portrait on an iPad, Jasmyne manipulated the image into simple shapes that “would be fun to paint.” Using the grid drawing process, she transferred the portrait to a larger sheet and then added black lines with India ink to give it a Pop Art feel. According to Jasmyne, “painting was the best part because I love to mix color! I tried adding as many contrasting colors as possible.” Jasmyne who finds art class “relaxing” and the “only class where you get to be different” is excited to advance her skills in high school next fall with an art metals class and a 2D Drawing and Painting class.

Top winners at the high school level (by category) include:

3-D Media:

First: Lisa Flynn, West Bend West High; Second: Tyler Denmark, Homestead High; Third: Hunter Garcia, Kewaskum High; Fourth: Maggie Metz, Kewaskum High; Honorable Mention: Amelia Hansen, West Bend High Pathways; Izzy Janz, Campbellsport High; Rebekah Morici, West Bend High Pathways; Hannah Nehmer, West Bend High Pathways


First: Abbey Ford, Slinger High; Second: Rebekah Stege, Hartford Union High; Third: Angie Moyer, Homestead High, Mequon; Fourth: Marina Katanaeva, Slinger High; Honorable Mention: Samantha Falstad, Mayville High;
Jessica Robers, Horicon High; Hannah Schmitt, Hartford  Union High; Ashley Wolfmann, Hartford  Union High.


First: Cera Propper, West Bend West High;  Second: Jessica Strupp, Slinger High; Third: Sara Wirthlin, Homestead High; Fourth: Maggie Metz, Kewaskum High; Honorable Mention: Grace Krahn, Campbellsport High

Photography & Digital Illustration:

First: Joshua Lookatch, Homestead High, Mequon; Second: Theresa Scott, Menomonee Falls High; Third: Kathy Kumrow, Kewaskum High; Fourth: Jared Blanchette, Port Washington High; Honorable Mention: Cierra Brown, Menomonee Falls High

Collage & Prints:First:Naomi Loduha, West Bend West; Second: Kiera Fischer, West Bend West;  Honorable Mention: Sophia Kegley, Living Word Lutheran High, Jackson


Top winners at the middle school level (by category) include:

3- D Media: First: Sophie Swiertz, St. Paul Lutheran, Grafton; Second: Will Secord, Slinger Middle;
Third: Bella Cicero, Steffen Middle, Mequon: Fourth: Melanie Wedin, St. Frances Cabrini, West Bend;
Honorable Mention: Skylhar Murphy, Campbellsport Middle; Therese Giersch, Steffen Middle, Mequon;
Krystal Mcllree, Thomas Jefferson Middle, Port Washington; Anna Prahl, Badger Middle, West Bend


Drawing:First: Samantha Hanauer, Kennedy Middle, Germantown; Second: Mitchell Gilly, St. Frances Cabrini, West Bend; Third: Libby Timm, Steffen Middle, Mequon;  Fourth: Lorelei Davis, Badger Middle, West Bend; Honorable Mention: Jenna Butschlick, Holy Trinity, Kewaskum; Brooke Deppert, Holy Angels, West Bend; Nick Freckmann, Lakeshore Middle, Mequon; Olivia Iding, Central Middle, Hartford; Meredith Kent, St. Frances Cabrini, West Bend; John Sardo, Kennedy Middle, Germantown; Lexi Schraufnagel, Mayville Middle; Emily Swilton, Thomas Jefferson Middle, Port Washington

Painting:First: Jasmyne Beasler, Badger Middle, West Bend; Second: Sam Aria, St. Paul Lutheran, Grafton; Third: Jessica Waters, Erin School, Hartford; Fourth: Trinity Phillips, Campbellsport Middle; Honorable Mention: Ashley Dreikosen, Campbellsport Middle; Rachel Kircher, Campbellsport Middle

Photography & Digital Illustration:  First: Jazzton Dubinsky, North Middle, Menomonee Falls; Second: Hannah Kierstyn, North Middle, Menomonee Falls; Third: Odessa Dalton, Badger Middle, West Bend; Fourth: Sabrina Ringen, North Middle, Menomonee Falls

Collage & Prints:First: Grayson Eichmeier, Steffen Middle, Mequon; Second: Jenny Garcia, Campbellsport Middle; Third: Caitlylnn Steiner, Thomas Jefferson Middle, Port Washington; Fourth: Elizabeth Foster, Lakeshore Middle, Mequon; Honorable Mention: Evelyn Deluka, Silverbrook Intermediate, West Bend; Maria Graziano, Slinger Middle; Amber Loga, Erin School, Hartford; Crystiana Temple, Central Middle, Hartford.

Participating high schools and art teachers include:

Campbellsport High School (Art teacher: L. Boehlke)

Hartford Union High School (Art teachers: D. Romano-Bloomer)

Homestead High School (Art teachers: J. Hunt, K. Hustedde, K. Nowak)

Horicon High School (Art teacher: R. Shafer)
Kewaskum High School (Art teachers: J. Berry, R. Hassler)

Living Word Lutheran High School, Jackson (Art teacher: A. Groth)

Mayville High School (Art teacher: S. Heideman)

Menomonee Falls High School (Art teacher: T. Chmielewski)

Port Washington High School (Art teacher: K. Feyereisen)

Slinger High School (Art teacher: C. Graziano)

West Bend East & West High Schools & Pathways (Art teachers: D. Prahl, J. Krueger)


Participating middle schools and art teachers include:


Badger Middle, West Bend (Art teachers: J. Bertsch, K. Welton)

Campbellsport Middle (Art teacher: E. Nelson)

Central Middle, Hartford  (Art teacher: P. Brandt)

Erin School, Hartford (Art teacher: L. Schuler)

Holy Angels, West Bend (Art teacher: C. Hofschulte)

Holy Trinity, Kewaskum  (Art teacher: C. Hofschulte)

Kennedy Middle, Germantown (Art teachers: D. Christensen, A. Bauer)

Lake Shore Middle, Mequon (Art teacher: D. Berndt)

Mayville Middle (Art teacher: T. Johnson)

North Middle, Menomonee Falls (Art teacher: B. McKendry)

St. Frances Cabrini, West Bend (Art teacher: D. Pettit)

St. Paul Lutheran, Grafton (Art teacher: D. Schumann)

Silverbrook Intermediate, West Bend (Art teachers: M. Bartelt, T. Bloedel, S. Parish)

Slinger Middle (Art teacher: G. Hefti)

Steffen Middle, Mequon (Art teacher: D. Berndt)

Thomas Jefferson, Port Washington (Art teachers: S. Kultgen, N. Koenig)

A special awards ceremony to recognize the top student art winners and will take place at noon in the theatre.
In addition to the student artwork, the Festival includes a large arts and crafts sale, silent auction, art seminars and a farmers market. All entries from the annual photography contest will also be on display in the library, with the top 15 framed entries on display in the Art Gallery. Admission is $2 per person or $5 per family, with all proceeds going to support H.O.P.E. scholarships.  Parking is free and a shuttle bus will be available to transport from the student parking lot to the front entrance. UW-Washington County is located at 400 University Drive (just off Hwy 33 West) in West Bend.


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