Student Art Contest Winners Announced!

31 schools to display art at Festival
By UW-Washington County

The University of Wisconsin-Washington County (UW-WC) is pleased to announce the names of the middle and high school students who took top awards in the 2014 student art contest.  Thirty-one schools entered artwork for the annual contest, with a total of 227 middle school entries and 167 high school entries. All of the artwork will be on display at the Festival of Arts which takes place on Saturday, April 5 from 10am to 4pm. The campus is located at 400 University Drive in West Bend.  Admission is free.

Judging at the high school level was completed by Anna Moisiadis, an art lecturer at UW-WC and artist, and Graeme Reid, Director of Collections/Exhibitions at Wisconsin Museum of Art. At the middle school level, judges included Lynn Molenda, an art educator and coordinator of Wisconsin’s Student Centered Learning in the Arts action research group, and Shawn Graff, Washington County Campus Foundation board member who also serves as the Executive Director of the West Bend Friends of Sculpture. Emphasis was placed on creativity, composition, originality, and use of space and color.  The four categories of artwork for middle school included: Single Media, Mixed Media (2 or more media); Black and White and 3-D (including ceramic and jewelry). At the high school, a fifth category of photography was included.

“Best in Show” at the middle school level was awarded to Georgia Miller, an eighth grade student at Steffen Middle School in Mequon for her colorful mixed media painting of flowers in hues of blues and green on an orange background.  “Best in Show” at the high school level went to Breanna Utz, a senior at Hartford Union High School for a very creative mixed media stick type drawing using watercolor, ink and gel pen.

Top winners at the high school level (by media) include:

3-D Media:
Shannon Roscoe, Slinger High; Second: Megan Churchill, Homestead High, Mequon; Third: Alisha Ullius, Campbellsport High; Fourth: Brandon Fischer, Kewaskum High; Judges’ Notice: Alicia Barnes, Port Washington High; Jessanna Clark, Homestead High, Mequon;  Jaimie Fromm, Port Washington High; Billie Gruber, Kewaskum High; Alyssa Heberer, Kewaskum High; Catelynn Olen, West Bend East High 

Mixed Media:

First: Breanna Utz, Hartford Union High School; Second: Kiley Sabin, Slinger High; Third: Tyson Diffor, West Bend East High.

 Black & White:

First: Collin Murray, Homestead High, Mequon; Second: Allison Skubal, Slinger High; Third: Samuel Klug, Kettle Moraine Lutheran, Jackson; Fourth: Cynthia Cruz, Kewaskum High; Judges'; Notice: Caleb Dykema, Kettle Moraine Lutheran, Jackson; Jordan Rittman, West Bend East; Rachel Sanborn, West Bend East.

Single Media:
Amanda Albright, Homestead High, Mequon; Second: Tyson Diffor , West Bend East High; Third and Fourth: Kelly Kasper, Homestead High; Judges’ Notice: Sadie Freimuth, Mayville High; Lena Kovacevich, Mayville High; Emma Ponath, West Bend High; Ben Peterson, Kewaskum High; Kim Salter, West Bend High; Matty Schaut, Homestead High, Mequon; Hannah Strachan, Slinger High

First: Alice Malloy, Campbellsport High; Second: Emma Ponath, West Bend High; Third: Adley Kadukeck, Living Word Lutheran High, Jackson; Fourth: Jill Schweiss, Menomonee Falls High; Judges’ Notice: Kyra Lasanske, Menomonee Falls High

Top winners at the middle school level (by media) include:

3- D Media:
Sadie MacLeish, Webster Transitional, Cedarburg; Second: Leah Glaser, Lakeshore Middle, Mequon; Third: Britney Lane, Central Middle, Hartford; Fourth: Gabrielle Martin, Steffen Middle, Mequon; Judges'; Notice: Natalie Arndt, North Middle, Men. Falls; Paige Cooper-Rolefson, Silverbrook Middle, West Bend; Timothy Gehring, Slinger Middle; Michael Murphy, Thomas Jefferson, Port Washington; Hailey Reif, Thomas Jefferson, Port Washington; Katey VanVooren, Lakeshore Middle, Mequon; Hunter Zaskowski, Badger Middle, West Bend.

Mixed Media:
Georgia Miller, Steffen Middle, Mequon; Second: Maya Schmidt, Silverbrook Middle, West Bend; Third: Callan Hanley, St. Paul Lutheran, Grafton; Fourth: Savannah Cousert, Campbellsport Middle;
Judges’ Notice: Alexa Bullis, Slinger Middle; John Cesarz, Lumen Christi, Mequon; Jordan Christnovich, Central Middle, Hartford; Kaylin Hewitt, Campbellsport Middle; Laurel Salmeron, Silverbrook Middle, West Bend.

Black & White: First: Abigail Ford, Slinger Middle; Second: Haley Lindquist, North Middle, Men. Falls; Third: Kirsten Krause, St. Paul Lutheran, Grafton; Fourth: Olivia Herzog, Lakeshore Middle, Mequon; Judges’ Notice: Katie Hayes, Holy Angels, West Bend; Briana Karls, St. Frances Cabrini, West Bend; Kennah Konrad, Mayville Middle.

Single Media:  First: Christian Heim, Erin School, Hartford; Second: Derek Sabin, Slinger Middle; Third: Caleb Yurk, St. Paul Lutheran, Grafton; Fourth: Sarah Scargill, North Middle, Men. Falls; Judges’ Notice: Maya Butschlick, Holy Trinity, Kewaskum; Alma Eggert, Erin School, Hartford; Emily Ellenbecker, Campbellsport Middle; Anaily Guerrero, Badger Middle, West Bend; Connor Kuck, Webster Transitional, Cedarburg; Calleigh Wondra, Lomira Middle School;  Jake Zygowski, Thomas Jefferson, Port Washington.

Participating high schools and art teachers include:

Campbellsport High School (Art teacher: L. Boehlke)

Hartford Union High School (Art teachers: D. Romano-Bloomer, J. Mohagen, K. Kieckhafer)

Homestead High School (Art teachers: K. Hustedde, K. Nowak)

Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School, Jackson (Art teacher: K. Schaffer)

Kewaskum High School (Art Teachers: R. Hassler, J. Berry)

Living Word Lutheran High School, Jackson (Art teacher: A. Groth)

Lomira High School  (Art teacher: D. Dailey)

Mayville High School (Art teacher: S. Heideman)

Menomonee Falls High School (Art teacher: T. Chmielewski)

Port Washington High School (Art Teacher: K. Feyereisen)

Slinger High School (Art teacher: C. Graziano)

West Bend East & West High Schools (Art Teachers: D. Prahl, J. Krueger)


Participating middle schools and art teachers include:


Badger Middle, West Bend (Art teachers: K. Welton, J. Bertsch)

Campbellsport Middle (Art teacher: E. Nelson)

Erin School, Hartford (Art teacher: L. Schuler)
Hartford Central Middle  (Art teacher: P. Brandt)

Holy Angels, West Bend (Art teacher: C. Hofschulte)

Holy Trinity, Kewaskum  (Art teacher: C. Hofschulte)

Lake Shore Middle, Mequon (Art teacher: D. Berndt)

Lomira Middle, Lomira (Art teacher: D. Dailey)

Lumen Christi, Mequon (Art teacher: A. Groth)

Mayville Middle (Art teacher: B. Nelson)

North Middle, Menomonee Falls (Art teachers: J. Cassidy, B. McKendry)

St. Frances Cabrini, West Bend (Art teachers: D. Pettit)

St. Paul Lutheran, Grafton (Art teacher: D. Schumann)

Silverbrook Middle, West Bend (Art teacher: M. Bartelt)

Slinger Middle (Art teacher: G. Hefti)

Steffen Middle, Mequon (Art teacher: D. Berndt)

Thomas Jefferson, Port Washington (Art teachers: S. Kultgen, K. Feyereisen, N. Koenig)

Webster Transitional, Cedarburg (Art teacher: C. Owens)

A special awards ceremony to recognize the top student art winners and will take place at noon in the theatre. Dr. Paul Price, dean at UW-WC along with Iva Thelen, executive director of the Washington County Campus Foundation will recognize and present awards to the top winners.

In addition to the student artwork, the Festival includes a large arts and crafts sale, music performances, garden/art seminars and a farmers market. Entries from the annual photography contest will also be on display in the library, with the top entries on display in the Art gallery. Admission and parking are free.  UW-Washington County is located at 400 University Drive (just off Hwy 33 West) in West Bend. For more information about the Festival, visit the campus website at or contact the Marketing/Communications department at (262)-335-5208.


Sue Bausch