Over $75K in Scholarships to Transferring Students

Awards to be Presented at Commencement Ceremony
By UW-Washington County

Recognizing the accomplishments of UW-Washington County students will be the main focus of the Commencement ceremony on Thursday, May 19 with the awarding of bachelor and associate degrees, over $75,000 in scholarships to transferring students, and 12 department awards. The ceremony begins at 7pm in the gymnasium, with members of the Milwaukee Scottish Pipe Band leading the procession of faculty and students. A color guard made up of student veterans, Mitchell Bury (Marines), Adam Bunkelman (Navy), Nathan White (Air Force), Daniel Bruder (Army) and Quinn Paruch (Army) will present the flags.  UW-WC student, Sophia Gibeau along with Moriah Hensler, Sean Lundquist and Andrea Roth will sing the National Anthem. Dr. Peter Gibeau, UW-WC Music Professor, will play the piano recessional.

Scholarships are awarded to students who have completed their first two years of college studies at UW-WC and are now transferring to other institutions to complete their education, as well as students who are completing a bachelor degree through one of the collaborative programs offered on campus. UW-WC students receiving scholarships at Thursday’s ceremony include:

Scholarship                                                                       Amount    Recipient                              

  • American Assn. of University Women              $1,000 - Vanessa Sawatzke, West Bend
  • Paul Bales Memorial                                            $   500  - Annamarie Staples, West Bend
  • BMO Harris Bank                                                  $1,250 - Vanessa Sawatzke, West Bend       
  • Thomas J. Brigham Scholar Athlete                   $   500 - Mitchell Bury, West Bend  
  • Mr. & Mrs. James R. Brown                                $2,000 -  Logan Garcia, Cedarburg
  • Judith Clark Memorial                                         $   300 -  Mary Baumann, Saukville
  • Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship            $2,500 -  Baylee Borges, Hartford
  • Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship            $2,500 -  Eric Butler,  Allenton
  • Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship            $2,500 -  Jessica Harbin, West Bend
  • Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship            $2,500 -  Andrea Williams, Hartford
  • Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship            $5,000 -  Echo Borges, Hartford
  • Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship            $5,000 -  Laura Connelly, West Bend
  • Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship             $5,000 -  Katelyn Laatsch, Hartford
  • Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship             $5,000 - Christa Theisen, Kewaskum
  • Kirk D. Currie Memorial                                        $   200 - Logan Garcia, Cedarburg
  • Lindo & Anna Diamanti Memorial                      $1,000 - Devin Durkee, West Bend
  • Howard Evans Memorial Scholarship                 $   500 - Crystal Shaw, Hartford
  • Kathleen & David C. Loomans Education          $1,000 - Abraham Dickenson, Slinger             
  • Phyllis R. Malzahn Memorial                               $8,000 - Makayla Mouradian, West Bend
  • Kenneth G. Marsden                                             $7,000 - Calvin Brice, Cedarburg
  • Kenneth G. Marsden                                             $7,000 - Tyler Ross, West Bend
  • Musical Masquers                                                 $1,000 - Braydon Shewczyk, West Bend
  • Norman A. Schowalter Memorial                      $5,500 - Nathan Gruenke, West Bend
  • Harry and Lucille Sheski Memorial                    $4,000  - Claire Wienke, Neosho
  • UW-Oshkosh                                                          $1,000 -  Marissa Granados, West Bend
  • UW-Oshkosh                                                          $1,000 -   Sydney Steger, Lomira
  • UW-Oshkosh                                                           $1,000 - Melissa Volkert, West Bend
  • UW-WC Friends & Alumni                                   $   400 -  Jenna Reichert, West Bend
  • UW-WC Friends & Alumni                                   $   400 -  Samantha Strupp, Slinger


Departmental awards to one or more outstanding students in a particular discipline who have displayed keen insight, overall understanding and superior attitude will also be presented.  Department award recipients include:

  • Anthropology – Alicia Bostrack, Cedarburg
  • Business – Jenna Reichert, West Bend
  • Chemistry – Patrick Leonard, Saukville; Tyler Ross, West Bend; Arber Shehu, West Bend; Rachel Uecker, Slinger; Morgan Vanderschaegen, Hartford
  • Economics – Nicole Schumacher, Jackson
  • English – Morissa Young, Horicon
  • Geography/Geology – Ashley Schils, Fredonia
  • Mathematics– Tyler Ross, West Bend
  • Theatre – Braydon Schewczyk, West Bend

Incoming new freshmen and returning students receiving scholarships will be honored in a separate ceremony on Friday, May 20 at 7pm. The substantial scholarship opportunities at UW-WC reflect the tremendous community support of local residents, civic groups and area businesses.

Five UW-WC employees will also be recognized with service recognition awards, including Judy Benike (office associate), Dr. Wayne Schaefer (Professor of Biological Sciences), Terry Seil (Dean’s office associate), Dr. Colleen Vachuska (Associate Professor of Mathematics) and Peter Vachuska (Associate Professor of Mathematics).

No tickets are needed to attend Commencement. A social immediately follows the ceremony in the cafeteria.
UW-WC is located at 400 University Drive in West Bend. For directions to campus or more information, visit the website, www.washington.uwc.edu                    


Sue Bausch