Over $68,000 in Scholarships Awarded to Transferring Students

UW-WC Commencement Ceremony is Thursday, May 21

UW-Washington County will award over $68,000 in scholarships to transferring students at the Commencement Ceremony on Thursday evening, May 21 in the gymnasium. The scholarships are awarded to students who have completed their first two years of college studies at UW-WC and are now transferring to other institutions to complete their education, as well as students who are completing a collaborative degree at the UW-WC campus through UW-Milwaukee or UW-Oshkosh. UW-Washington County students receiving scholarships at Thursday’s ceremony include:

Scholarship                                                  Amount    Recipient                             Residence

Paul Bales Memorial                                 $200     Jillian Schmitt                       Allenton

Tom Bast Scholarship                               $500     Trisha Rowen                         Saukville

Thomas J. Brigham Scholar Athlete              $500     Jacob Cochran                       West Bend

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Brown Scholarship         $1,200     Nicholas Bell                       West Bend

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship       $1,500     Abigail Hartwig                     Cedarburg 

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship        $1,500     Kelly Martin                         Kewaskum 

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship        $1,500     Melissa Schachtschneider        West Bend

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship        $1,500     Kristen Stehli                       Menomonee Falls

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship        $2,500     Jody Hammonds                  Mayville

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship        $2,500     Angela Mueller                    West Bend

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship        $2,500     Amanda Straub                   West Bend

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship        $2,500     Jeannine Weyker                 Jackson                       

Lindo & Anna Diamanti Memorial                 $1,000     Nicholas Scholl                   Germantown

Howard Evans Memorial Scholarship            $250     Kayleen Perkins                   West Bend

First National Bank, Hartford                       $500     Stephanie Weinfurter           Hartford

Kathleen & David C. Loomans Education     $1,000     Brandon Orser                      West Bend

M & I Bank                                            $1,250     Sarah Ellenbecker               West Bend

Phyllis R. Malzahn Memorial                         $8,000     Rose Steiner                   Theresa

Kenneth G. Marsden                          3 at $8,000        Amanda Hirschmann        West Bend

                                                                          Melissa Toeller                 Saukville

                                                                          Elizabeth Uecker                 Slinger

Dr. Sami Saad Memorial Scholarship           $600     Melissa Toeller                    Saukville

Norman A. Schowalter Memorial                 $5,500    Shara Krans                       West Bend

Harry and Lucille Sheski Memorial              $4,000      acob Cochran                    West Bend

UW-Oshkosh                                  2 at   $500  Jacob Cochran                         West Bend

                                                                   Rose Steiner                           Theresa

UW-WC Friends & Alumni                        $200     Andrew Bossler                        West Bend

West Bend Noon Rotary Club                 $3,000       Andrew Bruni                       West Bend

An additional $52,000 in scholarships will be awarded to new freshman and continuing UW-Washington County students at the September Convocation ceremony. The substantial scholarship opportunities at UW-Washington County reflect the tremendous community support of local residents, civic groups and area businesses. A guaranteed transfer program, the collaborative bachelor degree programs, as well as sizeable scholarship opportunities with other area universities have significantly increased the opportunities for students who begin their college education at the West Bend campus.


Sue Bausch