Over $66,000 in Scholarships Awarded to Transferring Students

Commencement Ceremony May 19

UW-Washington County awarded over $66,000 in scholarships to transferring students at the Commencement Ceremony on Thursday evening, May 19 in the gymnasium. The scholarships are awarded to students who have completed their first two years of college studies at UW-WC and are now transferring to other institutions to complete their education, as well as students who are completing a collaborative degree at the UW-WC campus through UW-Milwaukee or UW-Oshkosh.

Scholarships and Recipients
Scholarship Amount Recipient Residence
Paul Bales Memorial $500 Michelle Zignego Hartford
Tom Bast Scholarship $500 Joshua Jenz Newburg
Thomas J. Brigham Scholar Athlete $500 Peter Nennig West Bend
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Brown Scholarship $1,200 David Gasperetti West Bend
Judith Clark Memorial Scholarship $300 Amanda Schloemer West Bend
Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship $2,000 Jonathan Becker West Bend
Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship $2,000 Elizabeth Kuss West Bend
Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship $2,000 Patricia Krukowski Hartford
Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship $2,000 Veronica Zignego Hartford
Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship $4,000 Brooke Kuchinski Milwaukee
Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship $4,000 Christine Rowen Grafton
Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship $4,000 April Starr West Bend
Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship $4,000 Aaron Wollman Jackson
Kirk D. Currie Memorial $100 Benjamin Slane West Bend
Lindo & Anna Diamanti Memorial $1,000 Rebecca Brown West Bend
Howard Evans Memorial Scholarship $250 Nickolas Gryga Cedarburg
Kathleen & David C. Loomans Education $1,000 Megan Ogi Kewaskum
M & I Bank $1,250 Matthew Pea Mayville
Phyllis R. Malzahn Memorial $8,000 Megan Ponath West Bend
Kenneth G. Marsden                                    $8,000 Thomas (Wil) Knight Slinger
Kenneth G. Marsden                                    $8,000 Joshua McCann West Bend
Phi Theta Kappa $300 Joshua Jenz Newburg
Norman A. Schowalter Memorial                      $5,500 Timothy Buss West Bend
Harry and Lucille Sheski Memorial                    $4,000 Nathan Luecht Hartford
UW-Oshkosh                                                $500 Brittany McWilliams Allenton
UW-Oshkosh                                                $500 Megan Ponath West Bend
UW-WC Friends & Alumni           $300 Samantha Schinner Neosho
West Bend Noon Rotary Club                            $1,500 Christopher Buss West Bend

An additional $54,000 in scholarships will be awarded to new freshman and continuing UW-Washington County students at the September Convocation ceremony. The substantial scholarship opportunities at UW-WashingtonCounty reflect the tremendous community support of local residents, civic groups and area businesses. A guaranteed transfer program, the collaborative bachelor degree programs, as well as sizeable scholarship opportunities with other area universities have significantly increased the opportunities for students who begin their college education at the West Bend campus.


Sue Bausch