Music & Science combine for UW-WC Concert

“The Planets’ Suite is focus for April 25

The Moraine Symphonic Band (MSB) will be performing their spring concert on Sunday, April 25 at 3:00pm in UW-Washington County’s theatre. Dr. Daniel Ackley, a music instructor at UW-Washington County and director of the MSB is excited about this concert. For almost a year, he has been working on transcriptions for four of the seven movements in the composition the band will be performing, “The Planets” suite by Gustav Holst. Holst completed two of the seven movements, Ackley completed four and another composer arranged and completed the seventh.

Ackley believes the “composition itself is a masterpiece for the orchestra.”  To add a little more excitement to the mix, Ackley asked UW-WC Physics Professor, Dr. Toby Keidl, to provide a “mini-talk” about the planets just before each movement.

Admission for the 3pm concert is free. UW-Washington County is located at 400 University Drive (off Hwy. 33 West) in West Bend. Free parking is available. 


Sue Bausch