Brazil is Topic for UW-WC Lecture Series

Six Evening Lectures Open to Public

Beautiful Brazil is the topic for six evening lectures planned at UW-Washington County this fall. The Community Lecture Series begins Tuesday, September 17 at 6:30pm with a lecture by Dr. Meredith Watts, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at UW-Milwaukee and Dr. Simone Ferro, Professor of Dance at W-Milwaukee. Professors Watts and Ferro will speak on Brazil’s Cultural Traditions of music, dance and Carnaval.

All of the fall lectures will be held in room 201. The first five lectures meet on Tuesday evening, while the final lecture (a panel discussion) is scheduled for Wednesday evening, October 23.  Each lecture is approximately one hour in length, followed by question and answer. Admission is free and no reservations are needed.  The popular lecture series welcomes area adults as well as high school and college students.  

The first lecture in the series is presented by The Friends of Matt Zillig and this includes a social afterwards that features Brazil food samples as well as a photography display in the gallery featuring photographs of Brazil from the travels of Professors Watts and Ferro.  

The remaining lectures in the series include:

September 24: Brazil’s Pro-Poor Policies, with speaker Dr. Gay Seidman, Professor of Sociology at UW-Madison. Once one of the world’s most unequal societies, Seidman will discuss how Brazil has experienced a remarkable decline in inequality over the past decade. What explains this change, and what lessons does Brazil’s experience hold for other developing countries?

October 1: Science & Technology with speaker Dr. Umberto Tachinardi, Associate Dean for Biomedical Infomatics at UW-Madison. How Brazil funds Science and Technology, how is Science in Brazil progressing and what are the gaps? In this talk, Dr. Tachinardi will use publicly available information to guide the audience in the understanding of the history, current status and future of science and technology in this complex and complicated country: Brazil.  

October 8: Poverty, Inequality and Citizenship Development with  Dr. Natasha Borges Sugiyama, Associate Professor of Political Science at UW-Milwaukee.  Dr. Borges will discuss the evolution of social policy and examines the effects of Bolsa Familia (Family Grant Program) on citizenship development of the poor.

October 15: Global Demand & Deforestation with Dr. Holly Gibbs of UW-Madison’s Department of Geography. Professor Gibbs will discuss harnessing global market demand for forest conservation in the Brazilian Amazon.   

October 23: Panel Discussion – Life in Brazil   Dr. Simone Conceicao, Professor of the Department of Administrative Leadership at UW-Milwaukee and a native of Brazil will lead the panel discussion.  Topics will include quality of life, doing business and the cost of living. (Note the final lecture moves to Wednesday evening.)   

A community book discussion related to the “Beautiful Brazil” theme is also being offered. The book, “Gabriella, Clove & Cinnamon” by Jorge Amado will be discussed on Tuesday evenings, Sept. 24, October 1 and October 8 from 5:00pm-6:15pm in Room 101. The discussion will be led by UW-WC English Professor, Dr. Anne Widmayer. A very engaging panorama of small town Brazilian life, Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon conveys the brilliance and intensity of life within 1920’s Brazil. The author, Brazilian novelist Jorge Amado, introduces the reader to the fictionalized version of his small hometown, Ilheus, Brazil, a city on the verge of transformation due to its burgeoning cacao trade.  There is no cost to participate in the book discussion. To register or for more information, phone 262-335-5214 or email: Interested participants should purchase the book on their own. In addition, a limited quantity of the book will be available in the UW-WC library.

The purpose of the lecture series is to provide fundamental information and a better understanding of a topic, which is chosen by the UW-WC Lectures Committee. Members of the Lectures Committee for the 2013/14 series included Dan Anhalt (Continuing Education), Dr. Swapnil Tripathi (Physics), Sue Bausch (Marketing & Communications), Dr. Mohan Thapa (Mathematics), Dr. Chris Hays (Anthropology), Dr. Don Muth (community representative) and student representative, Alexander Gill.

UW-Washington County is located at 400 University Drive in West Bend (exit Hwy. 33 East). Use the main entrance and follow the interior directional signs. Free parking is available.

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