Still time to apply for fall semester

Three weeks before the start of the fall semester, applications for admission to UW-Washington County (UW-WC) are running 12 percent ahead of last year’s record pace.  As of August 12, 825 applications had been received. 

Unlike most colleges and universities, UW-WC will accept applications until the first week of classes.  Classes start Thursday, September 2.

“When we look at the weak economy and the rising cost of education, I am not surprised to see more students starting their college careers at UW-WC, where the professors are focused on teaching undergraduates,” said Dr. Paul Price, Interim Dean and Campus Executive Officer.  “They receive an excellent University of Wisconsin education and save thousands of dollars.”  

In May, the Board of Regents voted to freeze tuition at the 13 freshman/sophomore UW Colleges. The tuition for one academic year (two semesters) at UW-WC is $4,268 (plus fees) for 2010–11. That is $3,665 less than UW–Madison, $3,001 less than UW–Milwaukee and $1,391-$2,541 less than the 11 other four–year comprehensive UW universities.  The freeze allows UW-WC to remain an affordable access point to higher education for area students. Students and families can realize even more savings if students live at home during their first two years of college at UW-WC.

Despite the tuition freeze, financial aid applications are up 40.5% at the UW Colleges campuses over the same time last year, according to Bill Trippett, Director of the Student Financial Aid Office for UW Colleges.  UW-WC has disbursed 60 percent more Federal Pell Grant aid in the 2009-10 academic year than in the previous year, according to Trippett.

Applications can be made online on the campus website ( or by making an appointment with an advisor by phoning Student Services at 262-335-5201. 


Sue Bausch