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Chris Yogerst

Communications-Theatre Arts
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Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 12:05-1pm and by appointment, room 210. 


Chris teaches courses in film, communication, and popular culture for the UW Colleges. In addition, he teaches American film history for Concordia University Wisconsin. Research interests include film genre and authorship as well as Hollywood history during the Golden Age. Current research is dedicated to a dissertation focused on a cultural history of the Warner Bros. studio. Chris regularly presents at national conferences and is currently the "Hollywood Studio System" area chair for the Film & History national conference. His work can be found in The Journal of Religion & FilmSenses of Cinema, the Journal of Film and Video, and The Atlantic Monthly



From Headlines to Hollywood: Warner Bros., 1927-1941 (in progress under contract with Rowman & Littlefield).


“Faith Under the Fedora: Indiana Jones and the Heroic Journey Towards God,” published in the Journal of Religion & Film; October 2014.

"Stop Calling Superheroes Fascist," The Atlantic Monthly (December 2013).

Book Reviews:

“The Hollywood Sign: Fantasy and Reality of an American Icon” (Book Review) published in The Journal of Film and Video; Spring/Summer 2013 issue.

“The Philosophy of the Western” (Book Review) published in issue 59 of the Senses of Cinema journal (June 2011).



B.A. - Film studies and English, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

M.A. - Critical studies in film and television, Regent University

Ph.D. - Communication with an emphasis on American film studies, Regent University



“Genre Hybrids: The Future of Genre Study,” at the University Film and Video Association conference in August of 2011 (Boston, MA).


“Reaffirming Nostalgia of the Western,” at the Popular Culture Association conference in April of 2012 (Boston, MA).


(500) Days of Summer, Rhetoric, and the Art Film,” at the University Film and Video Association conference in August of 2012 (Chicago, IL).


“Riding Off Into the Darkness: The Western as Negative Genre Construct,” at the 2013 Popular Culture Association conference (Washington, DC).


Barton Fink as Writer’s Apocalypse” at the 2013 University Film and Video Association Conference (Orange County, CA).


“Depression on the Frontier: Warner Bros. Westerns, 1930-1935” at the 2014 Popular Culture Association conference (Chicago, IL).