Volleyball Previous Seasons

 2015 Volleyball Team

volleyball team 2015







Row 1: Atira Boyce, Elizabeth Wilhelm
Row 2: Bryn Polster, Lizzy Geoffroy, Savannah Jenz, Amber Herbst
Row 3: Michaela Millard, Kylee Cronin

2014 Volleyball Team

UW-WC Volleyball team 2014

Row 1: Adrienne Leemon, Shauna Poppe, Deanna Leppla
Row 2: Melanie Strand, Marisa Moser, Lindsay Griggs
Row 3: Asst. Coach Jason Stasinopoulos, Whitney Bastian, Mikkin Abfall, Lizzy Geoffroy, Head Coach Debbie Butschlick


2014 Wisconsin Collegiate Conference
First Team All-Conference

3 volleyball players

Mikkin Abfall, Marisa Moser and Whitney Bastian

Marisa Moser was also selected as Defensive Player of the Year!!!!

2013 All Conference Team4 volleyball player conference

The UW-Washington County Volleyball team  placed 4 players on the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference 1st Team All-Conference.  This is an amazing feat since there are only 6 positions.  Three players also received special honors from the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference.  No team in the history of the Conference has placed four players on first team and had three players also  received the special honors given by the Conference. (These 3 honors is the most given by the Conference).

 Kaity Murphy is a middle hitter from Campbellsport.  She was second on the team with 137 kills with a kill rate of 53% averaging 2.8 kills per set.    She also had 15 blocks and served at 92%.  She is such a smart player and plays with such easy.  It is fun to  watch her hit the ball.

 Maria Moser is a Defensive Specialist from Germantown.  She led the team with 369 digs, was second on the team with 34 ace serves and a serving accuracy of 90%.  Maria also had a kill rate of 38%.  For all her efforts during the season she was named the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference Defensive Player of the Year.  Marisa has very quick reactions in getting to the volleyball and did an great job reading the hitter.

 Brianna Rocheleau is a setter from West Bend.  She led the team with 1053 setting attempts and had 494 assists for kills, she average 9.5 assists for kills per set with a setting accuracy of 98%.  Brianna led the team with 35 ace serves and a serving accuracy of 92%.  She had 98 digs and a kill rate of 77%.

For her efforts she was named the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference Setter of the Year.  This was the second year in a row that Brianna has received this honor.  Brianna really extending her setting ability this season.  She was able to keep the entire team engaged in the offensive set that we had created. 

 Amanda Lehnerz is an outside hitter from West Bend.  She led the team with 168 kills with a kill rate of 58% averaging 3.23 kills per set.  Amanda had 30 ace serves and a jump serve accuracy of 85%.  She was second on the team with 189 digs.  For her efforts she was named the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference Player of the Year.  Amanda had great skills and loved to hit every ball no matter where it was placed on the court.  


Four Players Make All Conference Team-2012

four volleyball WCC champs

2012/2013 Season
Left to Right: Whitney Bastian, Cari Krell, Briana Rocheleau, Brittney Swartwout 

Brittany Swartwout – 2nd team All-Conference, ranking 13th in the WCC Conference
Brittany played the strong side hitter’s position, but during the season was also very versatile in playing a middle hitter position as well. Brittany was second on the team with a total of 122 kills, averaging 2.5 kills per set, 34 digs, and 8 blocks. Brittany was the most consistent hitter on the team, doing everything she could to keep the ball in play. She is a freshman at UW-WC and a graduate of Port Washington High School.

Whitney Bastian – 2nd team All-Conference, ranking 11th in the WCC Conference
Whitney played the strong side hitter’s position. She led the team with 184 kills, average 3.6 kills per set, 62 digs, 95% serving average and 6 blocks. Whitney was the team’s go-to hitter, when a point was needed. A graduate of Kewaskum High School, she is a freshman at UW-WC.

Briana Rocheleau – 1st team, All-Conference, ranking 8th in the WCC Conference; also named Setter of the Year
Briana was this year’s setter and floor captain. She led the team with 479 assists for kills averaging 9.5 assists per set, 93 digs, 3 blocks, serving at 97% accuracy. She was second on the team with 29 ace serves. A freshman at UW-WC, she is a graduate of West Bend East.

Cari Krell – 1st team, All-Conference, ranking 7th in the WCC Conference; also named Defensive Player of the Year. This is the second year in a row that Cari has held this honor and the first time that anyone received this honor two years in a row. Cari is this year’s co-captain and libero. She led the team with 423 digs, averaging 8.5 digs per set, 23 kills, serving with 95% accuracy and 23 ace serves. She was truly a team leader and hustler on the court. A graduate of West Bend West High School, Kari is in her sophomore year at UW-WC.


scholar athlete award winner with emeritus dean

Tom Brigham, UW-WC Dean Emeritus, awards the Scholar Athlete of the Year to Stacy Chesak at the 2012 Athletic Banquet & Awards Ceremony

2012 WCC State Tournament

October 13-14, 2012: The UW-WC Women’s Volleyball Team finished in third place at the WCC State Volleyball Tournament. They were seeded first in the first round and emerged in first place with an 8 – 2 record.

Pool Play Results

UW-WC vs. UW-Baraboo

Final scores: 25/16 and 25/8

Highlights- Whitney Bastian had 7 kills, Cari Krell had 17 digs and Briana Rocheleau had 15 assists for kills, Molly Potter and Melissa Drescher led the team with 4 ace serves each.

UW- WC vs. UW-Waukesha

Final scores: 25/19 and 25/20

Highlights – Brittany Swartwout, Whitney Bastian and Hannah Hovorka had 6 , 5, and 4 kills respectively, Cari Krell had 15 digs, Briana Rocheleau had 17 assists for kills, Emily Wergin and Molly Potter had 3 and 2 ace serves respectively.

UW-WC vs. UW-Richland Center

Final scores: 25/12 and 26/28

Highlights – Whitney Bastian had 7 kills, Cari Krell had 17 digs, Briana Rocheleau had 14 assists for kills, Melissa Drescher had 2 ace serves.

UW-WC vs. UW-Marshfield

Final scores: 27/25 and 25/18

Highlights – Whitney Bastian had 10 kills and Brittany Swartwout had 7 kills, Cari Krell had 11 digs, Briana Rocheleau had 19 assists for kills, and Melissa Drescher had 2 key blocks.

UW-WC vs. UW-Fox Valley Valley

Final scores: 25/14 and 20/25

Highlights – Brittany Swartwout, Melissa Drescher and Whitney Bastian each had 4 kills, Cari Krell, Emily Wergin and Brittney Wagner had 16, 13, and 11 digs respectively, Briana Rocheleau had 13 assists for kills, and Melissa Drescher had 2 blocks

Semifinal Match: UW-WC vs. UW-Barron County

Final scores: 22/ 25, 25 /20, 6/ 15 (Loss)

Highlights – Whitney Bastian, Brittany Swartwout and Melissa Drescher had 10, 9, and 6 kills respectively, Cari Krell, Molly Potter and Emily Wergin had 16, 10, and 10 digs respectively, Briana Rocheleau had 30 assists for kills.

According to Coach Butshclick:
“The match against UW-Barron County was a tough match and the team played very well.
As a team, they really peaked in both areas of defense and offense. Jason (assistant coach) and I were very proud of the heart and soul that these ladies gave to the game of volleyball over the weekend - it showed in their performance on the court.

October 10 game vs. UW-Baraboo

Final Scores: 25/20, 25/13, 25/10

Game Highlights: Brittany Swartwout led the team with 12 kills, followed by Whitney Bastian with 9 kills. Cari Krell had 20 digs and Molly Potter had 14. Briana Rocheleau set for 30 assists for kills, and Molly Potter also had 6 ace serves followed by Briana and Cari who had 3 each.

The team is undefeated(6 – 0) in Conference and 12 – 1 overall. They will head to Wisconsin Dells this weekend to participate in the WCC State volleyball tournament on Saturday and Sunday.

Monday, October 8 vs. UW-Sheboygan

Final Scores: 25/18, 15/25, 25/19, 25/18

The team has won the WCC Eastern Division Champion with a 6 – 0 record!

Game Highlights: Whitney Bastian had a season high 19 kills out of 33 attempts. Hannah Hovorka had 8 kills, while Melissa Drescher had 6 kills. Cari Krell also had a season high -6 ace serves and 35 digs. Briana Rocheleau had 33 assists for kills. As a team we served at 94%, but we only had 10 kills per game. The win gave the team a perfect 6 – 0 in the WCC Eastern Division earning them a championship.

Since the formation for Eastern and Western Divisional volleyball play in 2003, UW-WC Lady Wildcats have won the title 7 times (2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012).

Overall the team is 11 – 1. Our next and final match before the tournament play is on Wednesday, October 10th at UW-Baraboo.

Monday, October 1 vs. UW-Manitowoc

Final Scores: 25/7, 25/17, 25/22

This was our third conference match of the season. In the first set, Manitowoc had a little trouble defensively against our offensive attack. During the second and third sets our offense was great, but we had trouble receiving the serve. Manitowoc had two really good servers and we were not able to control the tempo off of the serve.

Whitney Bastian had 16 kills, 5 digs; Melissa Drescher and Brittany Swartwout had 5 kills each. Briana Rocheleau had 29 assists for kills, Cari Krell had 25 digs along with 2 ace serves. Brittney Wagner led the team with 3 ace serves.

This win gave us a 3 – 0 in conference and a 8 – 1 record overall. Our next conference match is away on Wed., Oct. 3rd against UW-Waukesha.

Monday, Sept. 24 vs. UW-Richland

Final Scores: 19/25, 25/9 and 25/8

The UW-WC Lady Wildcats played and won two non-conference volleyball matches on Monday, Sept. 24. The first game was against UW-Richland.
Highlights: We played a very sluggish first match. Every part of our game was off. The team rallied in the second and third sets to win the match. Whitney Bastian led the team with 13 kills, Cari Krell had 21 digs, Briana Rocheleau had 23 assists for kills, and the team had 13 ace serves led by Emily Wergin, Briana Rocheleau and Molly Potter with 3 each.

Monday, September 24 vs. Fox Valley Tech

Final Score 25/7, 26/24 and 25/12

Highlights: The team started out playing extremely well the first set. During the second set Fox Valley Tech played a strong defense and we had a hard time getting any type of offense past them. The team rebounded in the third set. Excellent serving by everyone allowed us to dominate the set. Brittany Swartwout led the team with 9 kills; Cari Krell had 14 digs. The team collectively had 17 serving aces - Emily Wergin with 7 ace serves, Molly Potter and Briana Rocheleau with 4 each. Briana also had 23 assists for kills. The team is 6 – 1 and 1 – 0 in conference. The next match is a conference match on Wednesday, Sept. 26 against UW-Fox Valley at 5:00 p.m. in UW-WC gym.

Saturday, Sept. 22, vs. Northland Intl University

Final Scores: 21/25, 25/9, 25/19, 26/24

Highlights: Whitney Bastian led the team with 16 kills; Emily Wergin had 19 kills and 21 digs; Brittany Swartwout had 9 kills; Cari Krell had 37 digs; Briana Rocheleau had 37 assists for the match.
Our goal for the match against Northland was to work on our defense. We needed to be able to read the hitter better. We played well throughout the match. The first set we started off slow, our hits were not falling in critical times, but as play continued our offense picked up tremendously. Defense was much better as the match went on.”
Lady Wildcats are 4 – 1 overall and 1 – 0 in the conference.

Wed., Sept. 19 vs. UW-Fond du Lac

Final Scores: 25/7, 25/11, 25/21

This was our first conference match of the season. The team played steady throughout the match. We really pushed to execute the quick offense and tighten up on the defensive end. Molly Potter had a great defensive match on the weak side with 8 digs. She really worked on reading the hitter and covering the court. Hannah Hovorka led the team with 10 kills. During the match Hannah played with intensity not only offensively but also putting up some pretty big blocks. Cari Krell led the team with 21 digs. Briana Rocheleau is working hard on making quality sets. During the match she was 71 of 71 setting with almost half of her set were assist for kills (32). Brittney Wagner had a super serving match 11 of 11 and led the team with 4 service aces. We are 1 – 0 in conference and 3 – 1 overall. Our next match is on Saturday, Sept. 22nd at 1:00 p.m. against Northland University College.

Friday, Sept. 14 vs. Mount Mary

Final Scores: 25-27, 30-28, 15-25, 25-17

Highlights – This was a very well played match. I am very proud of the team for really stepping it up and playing like I know they can. The team really needed to play a team with a high level of hitting and defensive ability and they received this kind of competition against Mt. Mary. Whitney Bastian was 21 of 24 hitting with 12 kills, Cari Krell had a great defensive game with 35 digs and Emily Wergin had 18, Briana Rocheleau was 90 of 91 setting with 34. assists for kills.

Wednesday, Sept. 12 vs. UW-Waukesha

Final Scores: 25-12, 25-16 & 25-23

Highlights – The team played at a steady level, but not with a lot of intensity. I know that the team can play at a higher level, and wit time I know that this will happen. Emily Wergin was 12 of 13 hitting with 6 kills, and 23 of 24 serving with 6 ace serves, Cari Krell was 9 of 9 serving with 2 ace serves and lead the team with 12 digs, Hannah Hovorka was 17 of 19 hitting with 6 kills, and Whitney Bastian 8 kills.