Women's Volleyball

2017 Volleyball Season


Sept. 20 - UW- Fox Valley

The UW-Washington County Wildcats won their second WCC Eastern Division Volleyball match against UW-Fox Valley 25-13, 25-16, 25-11.

The team really focused on strong serving missing 6 serves out of 68 attempts for a team serving average of 90%.  The team complied 11 ace serves. Our offense flowed at a much better pace.  The players had strong runs at the different rotations of plays.

Meghan MacFarlane had 9 kills
Courtney Peters had 6 kills, and 4 ace serves
Ally Weix had 6 kills and 3 ace serves
Kayla Schommer had 45 assists for kills and 5 ace serves.

We are 1 - 1 in the WCC Eastern Division Conference and 4 - 1 overall.  Our next match in on Saturday, September 23 at noon against UW-Baraboo.

Sept. 16 - UW-Marathon

The Lady Wildcats won a non-conference game against UW-Marathon 25 – 7, 25 – 10, 25 – 15

The goal for this match was to serve with a purpose being consistent, defensive positioning and controlling the offense.  The team served at 92%, with only 6 errors and 13 ace serves.  Defensively we were better, but as a team we need to read the opponent quicker and move faster.  The passing accuracy was better, we were able to run the quick offense and have multiple players involved in each play.

Courtney Peters led the team with 6 kills out of 13 attempts
Meghan MacFarlane had 4 kills out of 11 attempts, 4 ace serves
Kayla Schommer had 7 ace serves, 11 assists for kills   

We are 3 – 1 overall and 0 – 1 in the Eastern Division. Our next match in away at UW-Fox Valley on Wednesday, Sept. 20th at 5:00 p.m.

Sept. 13  -  UW-Fond du Lac

The Wildcat Volleyball team lost their first WCC Conference match to UW-Fond du Lace in a touch 5 set match 25-21, 20-25, 18-25, 25-23, 10-15.
As a team we struggles with serving. Missing serves especially at key times during the match. As a team we served at 84% 16 missed serves with 14 ace serves. 
It is hard to keep the intensity high when our serving is inconsistent.  When then team passes well we are able to run our fast offense effectively. 
We has a lot of scramble plays where the team just plainly out hustled the opponent and won the point.

Kayla Boehm led the team with 13 kills and 3 blocks
Meghan MacFarlane had 10 kills and 33 digs
Courtney Peters had 9 kills, 6 ace serves and 22 digs
Schommer had 28 assists for kills and 3 ace serves.
Catherine Tucker led the team with 36 digs

Next match is Saturday, Sept. 16th at 12:30 p.m. home against UW-Marathon


Sept. 8 - UW-Fox Valley

The Wildcat Volleyball won their first match of the season by defeating UW-Fox Valley in a non conference match 25-12, 25-14, 21-25, 25-18.


For the first match of the season the team played very well.  The team is deep with talent, we are working to finding the right combinations.  We did struggle with consistent serving, as a team we served with 82% accuracy.  To be competitive, we will need to serve at least 92% or better.  As a team we did have 18 ace serves.


Meghan Macfarlane led the team with 13 kills out of 24 attempts, 3 ace serves and 4 digs.  Meghan played both the outside and middle hitter positions tonight and did a great job.  Kayla Boehm had 11 kills out of 16 attempts and 2 blocks.  

Kayla Schommer had 23 assists for kills and 3 ace serves.  
Catherine Tucker led the team with 12 digs, she also had 3 ace serves.  
Ally Weix had 9 digs.


 We are 1 - 0 overall.


Our next game is at home Monday at 5:00 against Silver Lake College.



2016 Volleyball Season

Photo of the 2016 women's volleyball team at UW-Washington County

Row 1: Kira Johnson Marisa Moser
Row 2: Emma Malom, Atira Boyce, Jessyca Koch, Courtney Peters
Row 3: Amanda Ross, Kaytie Lighthizer, Savannah Jenz, Amber, Herbst, Michaela Millard
Row 4: Asst. Coach Jason Stasinopoulos, Head Coach Debbie Butschlick,
Team Manager Quentin

Wisconsin Collegiate Conference
State Runner-up

runner up 3

Kaytie Lighthizer, Savannah Jenz, Atira Boyce, Courtney Peters, Amanda Ross,
Amber Herbst, Michaela Millard, Marisa Moser, Kira Johnson, Emma Malom, Jessica Koch

All-Conference Honors

VB Conference







Amber Herbst, Marisa Moser, Atira Boyce, Courtney Peters

The Wisconsin Collegiate Conference has just named their Volleyball All-Conference Team.  UW-Washington County took the top honors in all three possible categories…

 Amber HerbstPlayer of the Year.  This is the second year that Amber has been selected for this honor.  Her level of play, hard work, and determination during the season was outstanding.  For the season Amber led the entire Conference with 170 kills out of 308 attempts with a kill rate of .425, had 60 ace serves out of 175 attempts with a serving accuracy of 91%, 68 digs, and 14 blocks. 
Marisa MoserDefensive Player of the Year.  This is Marisa’s third year that she has been selected for this honor.  Her ability to read the defense and outstanding hustle to get to every ball on the court just amazes the other teams. Marisa led the conference with 231 digs, 27 ace serves out of 127 attempts with 88% accuracy and 5 kills.  
Atira BoyceSetter of the Year.  Atira has worked extremely hard over the past two years and is an honor that she well deserves.  As the team leader on the court, she pushes her teammates to excel beyond their talents every time she is on the court.  Atira led the conference with 265 assists for kills, 25 ace serves out of 140 attempts with a serving accuracy of 81%, 30 digs and 17 kills out of 37 attempts. 
Courtney Peter - Second Team All-Conference.  Courtney was ranked third overall in the conference.  She is a true go getting wanting to get her hands on the ball every chance she has the opportunity.  Courtney had 101 kills out of 225 attempts with a kill rate of .333, 22 ace serves out of 146 attempts for 82% serving accuracy, 113 digs, and 6 blocks. 

We are so very proud to be able to have 4 players on the All-Conference team, based on that there are 7 teams in our Eastern Division Conference with only a total of 12 spots to be selected to the team.  What an awesome way to end the season to have the coaches recognize these players for their outstanding talents.

WCC All-Tournament Team Honors

Amber all tourney








Amber Herbst

The UW-Washington County Volleyball team played in the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference State Volleyball Tournament at Just A Game in Wisconsin Dells.  The team captured the Runner-Up trophy.  We were honored to have Amber Herbst selected to the All-Tournament Team as this was no easy task.  Each pool was allowed to have 3 players to represent the All-Tournament team.  Being in a pool of seven teams makes it even harder for a player to be selected.  Amber was ranked number one in our pool.

Amber Herbst had an outstanding volleyball tournament.    Amber led the team with 64 kills out of 117 attempts, 35 digs and was 74 of 68 serving attempts for a 92% average with 21 ace serves.
It is really nice to see that the coaches recognized Amber’s hard work during the tournament and is an honor will deserve.  This is the second year in a row that Amber was ranked number one on the All-Tournament Team.

Oct 15 - 16 - WCC State Tournament 

The UW-Washington County women’s volleyball team captured the Runner-Up trophy at the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference State Volleyball Tournament this past week. 
We had a very tough pool of seven teams this past week.  We played 4 matches in pool play on Saturday ending the day with a 7 – 1 record… winning the first 3 matches and splitting the last match of the day

                                UW-Richland 25-4, 25-10
                                UW-Sheboygan 25 – 8, 25 – 15
                                UW-Manitowoc  25 – 11, 25 – 20
                                UW-Baraboo 25 – 17, 21 – 25

On Sunday we had two more matches to end the entire pool play with an 11 – 1 record giving up the top seed going into the semi-finals

                                UW-Marinette  25 – 13, 25 – 20 
                                UW-Waukesha  25-17, 25-20

The team saw UW-Marathon in the semi-final match, winning a very tough match in 3 sets 20-25, 25-15, 15 – 8.. With this win the team advance to the final match.

The team played very hard against UW-Baraboo for the championship.  The team came up short losing 20 – 25, 26 – 28.  We played UW-Baraboo pretty much point for point and we gave ourselves opportunities to win but we just ran out of firepower. We are so proud of the entire team for all the effort and determination that they put into the season.

We had struggled with serving all season, but for the tournament the team really pulled through and served at 96% for the tournament, missing only 29 serves out of 281 attempts in 17 games. 

The cumulative results for the tournament are…

Amber Herbst led the team with 64 kills, 35 digs, and 21 ace serves 
Courtney Peters had 31 kills, 41 digs, 6 ace serves 
Michaela Millard had 27 kills, 33 digs, and 19 ace serves 
Amanda Ross had 17 kills and 14 blocks 
Savannah Jenz had 13 kills, 9 digs, 20 ace serves and 10 blocks 
Marisa Moser led the team 160 digs 
Atira Boyce had 124 assists for kills, 25 digs, and 6 ace serves

Oct. 12

The UW-Washington County Volleyball Team finished their regular season play with a win over UW-Sheboygan 25 - 20, 25-14, 25-12 in a non-conference match

This was a great way to finish out the regular season with each player being part of the match win.  We were able to run our fast offense.  We still need to work on our serving consistency.  The team serving percentage was at 88%, we need to work up to at least 95%.

Courtney Peters led the way with 9 kills and 4 digs, Amanda Ross added 5 kills, Marisa Moser had 9 digs and 3 ace serves. Atira Boyce had 22 assists for kills and 2 ace serves. Micaela Millard had 4 kills, 4 digs, and 7 ace serves, Kira Johnson had 8 digs, Savannah Micaela Millard had 4 kills, 4 digs, and 7 ace serves, Kira Johnson had 8 digs, Savannah Jenz had 5 kills, Emma Malom had 4 digs and 1 ace serve, Amber Herbst had 4 kills and 6 digs, Jessyca Koch had 2 ace serves, 1 kills, and 1 digs.  Kaytie Lighthizer had 4 digs and 1 ace serve.

The team finished the season 5 - 1 in the WCC Eastern Division and 13 - 1 overall.  This weekend the team will play for the WCC State championship in Wisconsin Dells.

Oct. 7

The Lady Wildcats played their last WCC Eastern Division conference match over the weekend against UW-Marinette.  The Wildcat won 25-17, 25-10, 25-11

The entire team helped to win this match from the starters to the players coming off of the bench.  Amber Herbst led the way with 12 kills out of 15 swings, 5 ace serves out of 10 attempts, 3 blocks, and 5 digs, Courtney Peters added 10 kills, 3 ace serves, 4 digs. Marisa Moser led the team with 18 digs and 3 serving aces, Atira Boyce had 28 assists for kills.

The team played as one unit.  It was wonderful to see all of them move in unison to each other.  The two main skills we wanted to work on were serving accuracy and defense.  As a team, we accomplished both serving at 96% only  missing 3 serves out of 74 attempts and a team total of 45 digs.  This was by far out best match of the season.  It is nice to see all the hard work that these players put in to have such an awesome match.

We are currently 12 - 1 overall and 6 - 1 in the WCC Eastern Division conference.

Oct. 3

The UW-Washington volleyball team won an impressive match against UW-Manitowoc tonight with a 25-12, 25-18, 19-25, 25-20 Parent’s Night win.

It was just a wonderful night of team chemistry.  Atira Boyce did a great job running the offense. We also connected on out of system attacks with Amber Herbst, Courtney Peters, and Michaela Millard.

Amber Herbst led the team with14 kills, 3 ace serves, and 14 digs,  Courtney Peters had 10 kills, 1 ace serve and 18 digs Michaela Millard had 8 kills, 2 ace serves and 6 digs. Marisa Moser led the team with 25 digs, 3 ace serves.  Atira Boyce had 33 assists for kills, 3 ace serves, and 4 kills. 

As a team, we averaged 10.25 kills per set and served at 85%.  We still need to work on better serving strategies to increase our serving accuracy.

Sept. 28

The Lady Wildcats played well enough to win their 3rd WCC Eastern Division match against UW-Waukesha. 25-17, 25-20, 25-18

We had very poor serving with only 82% as a team, missing 14 serves, however, as a team, our hitting percent accuracy was at 30% which was very nice to see. 

when we were serving well the team recorded 15 ace serves and connected on 30 kills.

Amber Herbst led the team with 12 kills, 5 ace serves, and 4 digs.  Amanda Ross had 5 kills, 1 block, and 2 digs.  Courtney Peters had 4 kills, 4 ace Serves, and 8 digs.  Marisa Moser had 13 digs and Atira Boyce had 19 assists for kills, and 2 ace serves.

The team is working to find the chemistry that will push them over the top. 

The team is 10-1 and 3-1 in the WCC Eastern Division Conference.

Sept. 26

The Lady Wildcats won their match against UW-Sheboygan 25-13, 25-14, 25-21.

Amber Herbst led the team with 9 kills on 17 attempts, served at 100% with 3 ace serves and 2 digs.
Courtney Peters, Savannah Jenz, and Michaela Millard each had 6 kills.  Courtney also has 11 digs.
Atira Boyce has 27 assists for kills, and 5 ace serves.
Marisa Moser had 19 digs.

We are 9 – 1 overall and 2 – 1 in the WCC Eastern Division Conference.

Sept. 24

The Lady Wildcats play in a triple duel this weekend against UW-Baraboo and MATC – Milwaukee.

The first match was against UW-Baraboo and with the Wildcats winning 25-18, 20-25, 25-14.

Amber Herbst led the team with 12 kills out of 22 attempts, 5 digs, serving at 88% with 4 ace serves.
Amanda Ross had 5 kills, and 1 block Courtney Peters and Michaela Millard each added 4 kills each.  Courtney and Michaela each had 9 digs.
Marisa Moser had 17 kills.
Atira Boyce led the team with 25 assists for kills.

Our second match was against MATC – Milwaukee and we won 25-9, 15-25, 25-21.

Amber Herbst had 12 kills on 17 swings, serving at 88% with 3 ace serves, and 7 digs.
Courtney had 6 kills serving at 80% with 1 ace serves and 5 digs.
Marisa Moser and Michaela Millard each had 12 digs.
Atira Boyce had 26 assists for kills, and 2 ace serves.

The Wildcats are 9 – 1 overall and 1 – 1 in the WCC Eastern Division Conference.

Wed. Sept. 21

The Lady Wildcats won their first WCC Eastern Division match tonight with a win over UW-Fox Valley 25 – 15, 25 – 16, 25 – 20

Amber Herbst led the team with 15 kills, serving at 90% with 7 ace serves, and 6 digs
Courtney Peters had 11 kills, served at 90% with 2 ace serves and 9 digs.
Marisa Moser led the team with 17 digs, 
Michaela Millard had 26 assists for kills, served at 100% with 3 ace serves and 2 digs.

We are 6 – 1 overall and 1 – 1 in the WCC Eastern Division

Monday, Sept. 19

The UW-WC volleyball team played a triple duel tonight against UW-Richland and Silver Lake College.  

The first match was against UW-Richland.  The Wildcats won  25 – 6, 25 – 9, 25 – 12
Amber Herbst led the team with 11 kills out of 15 attempts, served at 95% with 21 serving attempts and 11 serving aces, 4 digs
Courtney Peters had 6 kills on 10 attempts, served at 80% with 3 ace serves, 4 digs
Marisa Moser had 5 digs, served at 100% with 3 ace serves
Michaela Millard had 23 assists, served at 95% and had 7 ace serves out of 19 attempts.

The second match against Silver Lake, the Wildcats again won 25 – 14, 25 – 13, 25 – 15
Amber Herbst again led the team with 12 kills out of 18 attempts, served at 100% with 13 attempts and 4 aces, 2 blocks and 4 digs,
Courtney Peters had 7 kills on 12 attempts with no hitting errors, served at 90% serving with 3 aces, 1 block and 5 digs
Marisa Moser led the team with 14 digs and served at 86% with 1 ace serve
Michaela Millard had 21 assists for kills, served 97% and had 11 aces out of 30 serves.

We are 0 – 1  WCC Eastern Division and 5 – 1 overall

Wed. Sept. 14

Tonight we played a very tough match against UW-Fond Du Lac in our first WCC Eastern division match.

We lost  20-25, 16-25, 25-21, 25-19, 10-15
Amber Herbst led the way with 21 kills and 4 digs, Savannah Jenz had 7 kills and 7 digs, Marisa Moser had 31 digs and 3 ace serves, Atira Boyce had 40 set assists.

We played a little timid the first set letting long runs of serves put us behind.  In the second set, we just had too many unforced errors.  During the third and fourth set, we started playing Wildcat volleyball.  The final set we just played a little slow in recovering from their hits.  When all was finished the team played really hard and never let their guard down.

2015 Volleyball Team

volleyball team 2015

Row 1: Atira Boyce, Elizabeth Wilhelm
Row 2: Bryn Polster, Lizzy Geoffroy, Savannah Jenz, Amber Herbst
Row 3: Michaela Millard, Kylee Cronin

2014 Volleyball Team

UW-WC Volleyball team 2014

Row 1: Adrienne Leemon, Shauna Poppe, Deanna Leppla
Row 2: Melanie Strand, Marisa Moser, Lindsay Griggs
Row 3: Asst. Coach Jason Stasinopoulos, Whitney Bastian, Mikkin Abfall, Lizzy Geoffroy, Head Coach Debbie Butschlick

2014 Wisconsin Collegiate Conference
First Team All-Conference

3 volleyball players

Mikkin Abfall, Marisa Moser and Whitney Bastian

2014 WCC State Runner Up Champs


Volleyball Team picture

Row 1: Marisa Moser, Lizzy Geoffroy, Whitney Bastian, Lindsay Griggs
Row 2: Deanne Leppla, Melanie Strand, Shauna Poppe, Adrienne Leemon, Mikkin Abfall
Row 3: Asst. Coach Jason Stasinopoulos and Head Coach Debbie Butschlick

2013 All-Conference Team

4 volleyball player conference







Amanda Lehnerz, Brianna Rocheleau, Marisa Moser, Kaity Murphy

2012 All-Conference Team 

four volleyball WCC champs

 Whitney Bastian, Cari Krell, Briana Rocheleau, Brittney Swartwout 

scholar athlete award winner with emeritus dean

Tom Brigham, UW-WC Dean Emeritus, awards the Scholar-Athlete of the Year to Stacy Chesak at the 2012 Athletic Banquet & Awards Ceremony