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UW-WC volleyball game


Athletics is an important and exciting part of campus life at UW-Washington County. As a member of the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference (WCC), UW-WC students have an opportunity to participate and travel with our Wildcat team throughout the state to compete with other UW teams. Watch UW-WC Athletic Videos on YouTube.


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2014 Pick Award Winners

Pick Award Winners

L to R: Dr. Paul Price (Dean), Whitney Bastian, Sean Sprtel, Robert Pick

2014 Scholar Athlete

Scholar Athlete

L to R: Dr. Paul Price (Dean), Emily Bergeron, Dr. Roger Peterson (WCC Faculty Rep),
Tom Brigham (WCC Commissioner)

2013 Pick Award Winners

Pick Award Winners

L to R: Grant Braunschweig, Hannah Hovorka and Dr. Paul Price (Dean)

2013 Scholar Athletes

Scholar Athletes - 2013

L to R: Thomas Brigham (WCC Commissioner), Dan Doyle, Tom Klahorst, Mike Chirillo,
Dr. Roger Peterson (WCC Faculty Rep). Missing: Emmy Rostagno, Dan Breuer, and Blake Luedtke

2012 Pick Award Winners

Pick Award Winners

L to R: Stacey Chesak, Dr. Paul Price (Dean), Caleb Olla

2012 Scholar Athletes

scholar athlete awardees

L to R: Dr. Paul Price (Dean), Theresa Ratzel, Jenny Ritterbusch, Tom Bailey, Caleb Olla, Elise Peters,
Dr. Roger Peterson (Tennis coach), Stacy Chesak, Anna Steil, Tom Brigham (Dean Emeritus)