What is Work-Study?

Work-Study is federal student aid that is based on need and awarded as part of the total financial aid package.  Most students positions on campus require work-study funding for eligibility.

  • Students must complete the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) to see if they qualify for work-study. If they do qualify, it will be listed on their PRISM Student Center page under financial aid. Students must accept work-study on their PRISM account before they inquire about jobs.  Contact the campus Solution Center with questions.
  • Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credits during the semester that they want to work. If their enrollment falls below 6 credits, the student is immediately terminated from their student job(s).
  • A student must be enrolled in classes in order to work. If a student withdraws from school, the student is terminated from their student job(s) on the last day of enrollment.
  • A student must make satisfactory academic progress (SAP). In other words, a work-study student needs to keep moving toward degree completion by earning passing grades and completing at least 2/3 of their classes. If a student has a SAP hold (financial aid suspension) placed on their record, the student may not work until the hold is removed. Contact the campus Solution Center with questions about reinstatement.

Work-Study positions for 2017 - 2018:

Biology Lab Assistant

The Biology Department is seeking a student lab assistant for microbiology and physiology.  The student must qualify for work study financial assistance.  8 hours per week.  Flexible work hours.  No experience necessary.  Contact Dr. Ekunsanmi (262-808-4124, room 252) or Professor Sanstad (262-808-4127, room 250).

Reading Tutor (West Bend and Hartford Locations)

We are seeking high school/college students or adults with a passion for Education and helping kids learn. At our after school Read to Succeed program, you will help mentor and teach reading skills to Hispanic elementary school students, as well as help with their homework. The program is on Tuesdays and Thursdays, follows the school year and you does not currently cover the months. You do not have to know Spanish to work with these students. You are welcome to volunteer on Tuesdays and Thursdays if your schedule allows, but you will not be required to. We will schedule volunteers on a monthly basis to see volunteers' availability, and will send that schedule to all participating volunteers. This program will end in early May 2018.

Pay is $8.50/hr.

  • West Bend locations:
    • The library at Green Tree Elementary School from 3:30-4:45pm
    • The library at McLane Elementary School from 3:45-5:00 pm 
  • Hartford location is in the community room at the United Way Resource Center from 6:00-7:30pm (same time that the adults are in English classes)

America Reads Program Tutor

Position: Work as a Tutor with area teachers & their students (usually elementary level) in the public school system reading or performing other literacy activities.  This is a great opportunity/resume builder for any student(s) but especially for education majors.
Pay Rate: $8.50/hour
Hours: 6 hours/week
Additional information about the position can be located on the Hourly Student Employee Request List. Please make sure to click the button on the form so the request can go back to the supervisor.

Continuing Education Student Assistant

Position: The Continuing Education Student Assistant reports to the Continuing Education Director. This position provides support to the Continuing Education department and includes a variety of duties as assigned. The Student Assistant’s main responsibility is the oversight of all Continuing Education non-credit classes including greeting students and instructor, unlocking classrooms, contacting IT support when needed, providing promotional materials to classes, and completing class evaluations. Evening and weekend hours are required.
Pay Rate: $8.75/hour
Hours: Weekdays: 3pm – 8pm; Saturdays: 8am – 3pm or as otherwise needed. Please note: this position is available year-long. Summer 2016 hours are available.
Course Support
  1. Prepare signs and rosters for classes
  2. Work with director to compile promo materials for first day class distribution
  3. Customer service representative for CE office
    1. Answer phones
    2. Check and return messages
    3. Take class registrations
    4. Promote all CE programs via customer contact
  4. Brochure racks and bulletin boards are stocked and looking great
  5. Unlock all classrooms and greet instructor/students
  6. Special projects as assigned
Coordinate/Guide Activities of CE Faculty
  1. Ensure instructors have SMART classroom instructions, rosters, handouts, and materials they need for classes.
  2. Assist faculty with all special requests – iPad cord, Mac compatibility, etc.
  3. Assist students to find their classroom
  4. Prep for each shift to make sure it runs smoothly
    1. Rosters/folders with handouts ready in rooms
    2. Computers logged on
    3. Signage is properly placed
University of Wisconsin-Washington County Continuing Education Office 107, 400 S. University Dr. West Bend, WI 53095
How to Apply: Email cover letter and résumé to:

Student Affairs Office

Job Description:  Carry out various responsibilities as they relate to Student Affairs operations.  Answer phones; answer general questions; prepare information packets; typing; filing; data entry; filling display racks; updating bulletin boards and assist during registration times.
Preferred Skills:  Good academic standing.  People oriented; good oral and written skills; be able to work independently and possess a willingness to learn.  Must be able to maintain confidentiality.
Hours Needed: 8-12 hours/week. Flexible. 3-5 students needed.
Contact: Mary Unger, Student Affairs Office 
Phone: 262-335-5201     


The library is looking for 4 new student employees in the Learning Commons/Library. Do you like working with people? Then this is the job for you!
Job Description: Assisting library users at the Learning Commons welcome desk, checking out and back in library materials; answering basic questions about the Library and Learning Commons in person and on the phone; shelving; photocopying and faxing; filing; processing new materials; assisting library staff on various projects as assigned.
Required Skills: Professional, outgoing, friendly and approachable demeanor. Ability to work well with others. Attention to detail. Ability and willingness to learn new tasks. Basic computer knowledge helpful, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), basic computer troubleshooting.
Hours needed: 8-10 hours/week, flexible daytime and weekday evening hours. 3-5 students needed.
Must be available for daytime training 8-16 hours, during the week of August 24, 2015.
Contact: Levon Hudson, Learning Commons Coordinator 
Phone: 262-335-5206     


Job Description: Special event facilitator: lock/unlock doors, set up desks/tables,  make certain needs of the group holding the event are met.  Some custodial work as needed.
Hours Needed: 4-16 hours per week. On call.
Contact: Christi Larson, Maintenance Department 
Phone: 262-335-5217     


Job Description:  Set up and put away labs and demonstration equipment.  Keep Physics equipment organized. Some repair work; project work; maintenance of equipment; poster preparation and placement and clerical work are required. Preferred skills:  Physics background and familiarity with tools. Ability and passion to keep things organized.
Hours Needed: 5-10 hours per week. To be arranged.
Contact: Dr. Swapnil Tripathi, CSEPA Department 
Phone: (262) 335-5200     

Biological Sciences

Job Description:  Media preparation for BIO 251 (General Survey of Microbiology).  Set up labs for all BIO 162 (General Botany), BIO 101 (Concepts of Biology), and BIO 251(General Survey of Microbiology) courses.  Clean after labs, wash glassware, sterilize equipment, prepare stain and reagents, and care of the greenhouse.
Preferred Skills:   Preferably a student who is majoring in Biology and has taken Bacteriology or a course in chemistry, botany or biology.
Hours Needed: Flexible, but about 8 hours per week are required.
Contact: Dr. Toye Ekunsanmi, Biology Department 
Phone: (262) 335-5250, Ext. 254     


Job Description:  Help set up labs; prepare solutions and reagents; wash glassware; keep inventory; general lab maintenance and participation in certain Chemistry outreach projects.
Preferred Skills:  Basic math skills, computer skills, and ability to follow directions with attention to detail.  
Required:  A grade of B or higher in an undergraduate Chemistry course.  
Preferred Requisite:  Full year of CHE 145 and CHE 155, or equivalent, with a grade of B or higher.  This requirement may be waived with the instructor's approval.
Hours Needed: 8 hours per week. Flexible.
Contact: Dr. Mohamed Ayoub, Chemistry Department 
Phone: 262-335-5250     


Job Description:  Assist in handling inventory, data entry, laboratory set up and producing displays.
Preferred Skills:  Computer skills (knowledge of, or willingness to learn Word, Access, Excel, etc.), legible handwriting, ability to work independently and attention to detail.  Interest in science, especially earth science.
Hours Needed: 5-10 hours per week. Flexible.
Contact: Robert Sanborn, Geography Department 
Phone: 262-335-5263     


Job Description: Maintain scene shop; supervise other students in set-building activities.
Preferred Skills:  High school theatre activities and/or industrial arts background.
Hours Needed: 15 hours/week - Late Fall 2015 through Spring 16.
Heavy emphasis/mandatory hours during production time (February- March 2016). May also assist with visiting artist series (lights and ticket taking).
Contact: Rick Ponzio, Theatre Arts Department 
Phone: 262-335-5226