Student Employment

Types of Student Employment

FEDERAL WORK STUDY:   Students who have applied for financial aid and been offered work-study on their award letter.The Federal Student Aid Application (FAFSA) must be completed for Federal Work Study.

REGULAR STUDENT EMPLOYMENT: Students who may not have applied for financial aid or students not offered work-study on their award letter. 

Student Employment Application

To apply for Student Employment on campus, complete the Student Employment Application and return to Student Affairs Office - Attention Pamela Schmitt.  If you have questions, contact Student Affairs at (262) 335-5201 or e-mail

 Steps to Applying:

  1. If you are applying for Work Study, be sure you have been awarded and accepted "Work Study" on your Financial Aid award letter.
  2. You must be enrolled in at least 6 credits during the semester.
  3. Fill out the student employment application and return to Student Affairs or email
  4. Schedule an interview with the supervisor listed with each position. At the interview, if you are hired, hours and pay will be decided.
  5. Upon hiring, you will complete a payroll packet with your supervisor. 
  6. Students are responsible for entering their own work hours through the payroll system. Supervisors will approve all hours. Students get paid every two weeks.
  7. Fall Work Study positions are open starting Sept. 2, 2014 - December 22, 2014.
  8. Spring Work Study positions are open starting January 26, 2015 - May 19, 2015.

Work Study Employment Opportunities


Job Description:  Set up and put away labs and demonstration equipment.  Keep Physics equipment organized. Some repair work; project work; maintenance of equipment; poster preparation and placement and clerical work are required. Preferred skills:  Physics background and familiarity with tools. Ability and passion to keep things organized.
Hours Needed: 5-10 hours per week. To be arranged.
Contact Person:  Dr. Swapnil Tripathi, CSEPA Department
Phone:  (262) 335-5200    Email: 

Biological Sciences

Job Description:  Media preparation for BIO 251 (General Survey of Microbiology).  Set up labs for all BIO 162 (General Botany), BIO 101 (Concepts of Biology), and BIO 251(General Survey of Microbiology) courses.  Clean after labs, wash glassware, sterilize equipment, prepare stain and reagents, and care of the greenhouse.
Preferred Skills:   Preferably a student who is majoring in Biology and has taken Bacteriology or a course in chemistry, botany or biology.
Hours Needed: Flexible, but about 8 hours per week are required.
Contact Person:  Dr. Toye Ekunsanmi,  Biology Department
Phone:  (262) 335-5250, Ext. 254    Email:

Business/Main Office

Job Descriptions:  Answer phones; assist visitors by answering general questions; file; make copies; collate, fold and staple; stuff and sort envelopes; record reservations and payment for fine arts tickets. Other miscellaneous projects, including database entry, as assigned.
Preferred Skills:  Telephone and basic office skills. Typing skills necessary. Knowledge of copy machines helpful; familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel preferred.  Mature person with common sense and good people skills, with attention to detail and accuracy.
Hours Needed: Approx. 16 hours per week, usually split between two people. Flexible afternoon and evening hours, but office must be covered until 6:00pm Monday thru Thursday, occasional Friday hours until 4:00pm.
Contact Person:  Jean Rogers, Business Office
Phone:  (262) 335-5215    Email:


Job Description:  Help set up labs; prepare solutions and reagents; wash glassware; keep inventory; general lab maintenance and participation in certain Chemistry outreach projects.
Preferred Skills:  Basic math skills, computer skills, and ability to follow directions with attention to detail.  
Required:  A grade of B or higher in an undergraduate Chemistry course.  
Preferred Requisite:  Full year of CHE 145 and CHE 155, or equivalent, with a grade of B or higher.  This requirement may be waived with the instructor's approval.
Hours Needed: 8 hours per week. Flexible.
Contact Person:  Dr. Mohamed Ayoub, Chemistry Department  
Phone:  (262) 335-5250, ext. 234   Email:


Job Description:  Assist in handling inventory, data entry, laboratory set up and producing displays.
Preferred Skills:  Computer skills (knowledge of, or willingness to learn Word, Access, Excel, etc.), legible handwriting, ability to work independently and attention to detail.  Interest in science, especially earth science.
Contact Person:  Robert Sanborn, Geography Department   
Hours Needed: 5-10 hours per week. Flexible.
Phone:  (262) 335-5263


Job Description: Assisting Library users at the Circulation Desk-charging and discharging materials; answering basic questions about the library; shelving; filing; processing new materials; assisting Library staff on various projects. 
Preferred Skills:  Ability to work well with others; attention to detail; ability and willingness to learn new tasks and basic computer knowledge helpful, including Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel). Must be courteous, reliable and punctual.
Hours Needed: 6-10 hours per week. Flexible between 8:30am-10:00pm, Monday through Friday, and occassional Sunday hours. Will hire 2-3 students.
Contact Person:  Eric Harding, Associate Academic Librarian
Phone:  (262) 335-5248     Email:


Job Description: Special event facilitator: lock/unlock doors, set up desks/tables,  make certain needs of the group holding the event are met.  Some custodial work as needed.
Hours Needed: 4-16 hours per week. On call.
Contact Person:  Christi Larson, Maintenance Department
Phone:  (262) 335-5217   Email: 

Photographer & Social Media Postings

Job Description:  Take photos of campus activities and athletic events and post promptly on campus Facebook page.

Preferred Skills:  Above average photography and writing skills and able to post photos and description on Facebook. Must be courteous, reliable and able to work independently. Must have own camera.
Hours Needed: 2- 6 hours/week. Hours vary, depending on events to cover. Must be available on Wednesdays from noon to 12:45pm as well as other noon, after school and evening events.
Contact Person: Sue Bausch, Marketing & Communications Department
Phone: (262)-335-5233  Email:

Student Affairs Office

Job Description:  Carry out various responsibilities as they relate to Student Affairs operations.  Answer phones; answer general questions; prepare information packets; typing; filing; data entry; filling display racks; updating bulletin boards and assist during registration times.
Preferred Skills:  Good academic standing.  People oriented; good oral and written skills; be able to work independently and posses a willingness to learn.  Must be able to maintain confidentiality.
Hours Needed: 8-12 hours/week. Flexible. 3-5 students needed.
Contact Person:  Maria Graciano, Student Affairs Office 
Phone: (262) 335-5201   Email:  


Job Description: Maintain scene shop; supervise other students in set-building activities.
Preferred Skills:  High school theatre activities and/or industrial arts background.
Hours Needed: 15 hours/week - SPRING 2015 SEMESTER ONLY.
Heavy emphasis/mandatory hours during production time (February- March 2015). May also assist with visiting artist series (lights and ticket taking).
Contact Person:  Rick Ponzio, Theatre Arts Department 
Phone:  (262) 335-5226    Email:

Regular Student Employment Opportunities 

Campus Mascot - Willie the Wildcat!

Job Description:  Wear the campus mascot costume at various on and off campus events and interact with students and the public.
Required: Must be 5’6” to 6’3” in height and able to withstand wearing a warm costume. 
Preferred Skills: Prior experience preferred.  Must be reliable.  
Hours Needed: Hours vary based on events -some evenings & weekends required.
Contact Person: Debbie Butschlick, Athletic Director
Phone:  (262) 335-5238     Email:  

Gym & Weight Room Staff

Job Description:  Sweep & mop gym floor, clean & mop weight and storage rooms, help with noon activities, set up for evening school activities.
Preferred Skills: Self-motivated, listen to instructions, able to control their peers and must be on time.  
Hours Needed:  Will vary based on schedule (tentative hours: 9:00am-6:00pm, Monday through Friday).  Will hire 4-6 students. 
Contact Person: Debbie Butschlick, Athletic Director
Phone: (262) 335-5238 Email:

Learning Center  - Desk Worker

Job Description:  Primary duties are to greet students who visit The Learning Center, answer general questions, assist in maintaining accurate sign-in records. Other duties include making copies, updating bulletin board, generating reports in MS Access or MS Excel, and light cleaning.
Academic Requirements: Good academic standing.
Preferred Skills:  Good interpersonal skills, reliable, able to work independently.
Hours Needed: Based on student availability and Learning Center needs, (approximately 10 hours per week).
Contact Person:  Michelle Appel, The Learning Center Coordinator
Phone:  (262) 335-5250, ext. 306  Email:

Learning Center - Tutor

Subjects: Writing, Math, Chemistry, Physics & other academic disciplines as needed.
Job Description: Provide supplemental academic assistance to students, either through one-on-one or small group interactions and maintaining accurate records.  May also include some Desk Worker responsibilities.
Academic Requirements: Good academic standing.
Preferred Skills:  Good oral and written communication skills, reliable, and able to work independently. A desire to assist fellow students.
Recommendation: A written recommendation from a UW-WC faculty member is required.
Hours Needed: Based on student availability and Learning Center needs, (up to 10 hours per week).
Contact Person:  Michelle Appel, The Learning Center Coordinator
Phone:  (262) 335-5250, ext. 306   Email:

Learning Center - Note Taker

Subjects: As needed.
Job Description: Provide notes to select UW-WC students, as requested by the Learning Center coordinator.
Academic Requirements: Good academic standing. Regular class attendance.

Preferred Skills: Active listener, ability to recognize important information and take notes selectively during class, translation of ideas to understandable concepts on paper, legible penmanship, reliable, consistent, and organized.
Recommendation:  A written recommendation from a UW-WC faculty member is required.  
Pay:  $25/course credit at the conclusion of the semester.
Hours Needed: Appropriate class time.
Contact Person:  Michelle Appel, The Learning Center Coordinator
Phone:  (262) 335-5250, ext. 306  Email: 

Student Union Staff

Job Description:  Check out equipment and monitor use of the Student Union and TV Lounge.  May also be asked to assist with poster making, compiling information packets and mailings while working. If all work is complete, students may study while working.
Preferred Skills:  May be required to discipline their peers and should be able to fairly handle all students using the Student Union or TV lounge. Must be reliable and on time.
Hours Needed: Will vary based on schedule (tentative hours 10:00am-4:00pm, Monday through Friday). Will hire 6-10 students.
Contact Person:  Debbie Butschlick, Student Activities Coordinator
Phone:  (262) 335-5238  Email: 

Sports Officials (Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, etc.)

Job Description:  Manage and maintain fair play by enforcing the rules of that particular sport.  Make consistent and accurate calls for both teams during games.  Must be dependable and show up on time when games are scheduled. 

Preferred Skills:  Good knowledge of the rules of the sport, and may have played at a competitive level.  Officiating experience desired, not required.  Able to discipline peers & display good sportsmanship.
Hours Needed: Will vary based on schedule (games are normally 12:10-12:50 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays). Days may vary - depending upon when teams are playing.

Contact Person:  Debbie Butschlick, Athletic Director
Phone: (262) 335-5238    Email:

Student Ambassadors

Job Description:  Responsible for assisting with campus tours, student panels, campus open houses, new student orientations and advising/registration sessions.
Preferred Skills:   Must have completed one semester at UW-WC and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
Hours Needed: Will vary, based on schedule. Flexible schedule is needed, with ability to assist with events during the school day, late afternoon and evenings.
Contact Person:  Angela Rintelman, Student Affairs Coordinator
Phone:  (262) 335-5204  Email: