Thanks to strong community support, over $160,000 in scholarships are available to new, returning and transferring UW-Washington County students each year.  

What is a Scholarship?

Scholarships are monetary gifts from community, private, and campus sources and are usually based on academic merit or some other criteria. Some scholarships also require verification of financial need, therefore, all scholarship applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Campus foundations, local businesses, and other sources provide scholarships for students at the University. No repayment of scholarships is required.

How Do I Find Out More?

Contact your high school counselor and/or the UW-Washington County Solution Center at 262-335-5201 to learn more about scholarships. To obtain specific information about the Washington County Campus Foundation Scholarships, call 262-335-5204 or email The Foundation offices are located on campus in Rooms 105 and 106.

The Washington County Campus Foundation distributes scholarships from over 50 funds and makes over 75 awards each year. Scholarships are awarded to any UW Washington County students based on their:

  • achievement in school or
  • financial need or
  • interest in certain fields such as
    • education,
    • nursing,
    • theater,
    • science,
    • business or
  • involvement in extracurricular activity or
  • community involvement

Scholarships range from $300 each year to $5,000 for students who attend UW Washington County and for those that complete their two years at UW-WC and transfer to a four year school to finish their degree.  The Foundation scholarships address a wide range of interests and needs.  Please apply if you plan to attend UW-WC!  

How to Apply for a Washington County Campus Foundation Scholarship

Whether you are a new student, a returning student, or a transferring student at UW-Washington County, the Washington County Campus Foundation has a scholarship for you! 

Students who begin their higher education journey at UW-WC are welcomed and encouraged to apply for a scholarship at  The scholarship application process opens December 19, 2016 and closes February 15, 2017 for the 2017-18 academic year.  For more information please contact the Foundation office at 262-335-5204 or email

To view a list of available scholarships for 2017-18, please click here

Additional Scholarship Information

Awards will be announced by early May.

Scholarships will be awarded at a special scholarship ceremony. Attendance at this event is mandatory for all scholarship recipients.