What is Regular Student Employment?

Regular student employment (non-work-study) is not part of the financial aid package and is available to any student. There are very few regular student employment positions on campus.

Available Positions:

Customer Service - Campus Bookstore

Job Description: This position greets customers, assists customers with store inquiries, answers the phone and/or directs callers, tabulates purchases using the register for transactions. Use safe money handling procedures and secure transaction practices. Greet customers and render assistance as necessary responding to inquiries of products and merchandise. 
Key Areas of Responsibility
• Answers phone and responds to inquiries or direct calls for appropriate resolution.
• Operates cash register tabulating transactions, accepting payments, giving change, bagging purchases and processing employee or faculty discounts as appropriate. Starts up and shuts down register, trouble shoots, counts down register, perform cashier audits, etc. Balances the cash drawer including checks and the credit card receipts and student charge slips. 
• Observes safe money handling procedures and secure transaction practices when accepting cash payment, making change, accepting checks and credit card payments, and processing refunds/buybacks. Includes cashier integrity to safeguard register and drawer deposits. 
• Test EAS security system daily and approach customers who set off EAS system investigating alarms, resolving issue and logging EAS activations. 
• Receive, sort and open, as necessary, mail. May also take outgoing mail to mailbox or Post Office. 
• Carry and shelve merchandise inventory; may also pull and package merchandise for return to vendors. Straightens merchandise, stocks shelves, prices merchandise and may assist in setting up displays and signs. May be required to mop, vacuum, clean shelves and take out trash. 
• Ensure inventory controls tags are removed and/or replaced on merchandise according to company standards as applicable. 
• Pick, process and pack orders for shipping in accordance with Retail Store Operations 
• Fill in for other employees during absences, for breaks and lunches, and during periods of high volume. 
• May perform data entry or type simple correspondence including printing and system back-up. 
• Take inventory as needed and may have responsibility for ordering general merchandise items (snacks, beverages, newspapers, magazines, etc.). 
• May provide customer service/sales functions for special events (including but not limited to author signings, graduation and athletic events)
Job Requirements 
• 0 – 12 months of previous retail or clerical experience preferred. 
• Strong customer service skills including effective communication. 
• Computer literacy. 
• Ability to prioritize and organize workload
For more information: Bookstore Job Information 
Contact Katie in the UW-WC Campus Bookstore

Basketball Ticket Taker

Student must be present at all Women's and Men's Home basketball games to sell tickets for the event.
Contact: Debbie Butschlick

Student Sports Photographer

Looking for a student photographer to cover soccer, volleyball, and basketball home games.
Contact: Debbie Butschlick

Student Ambassadors

Job Description:  Responsible for assisting with campus tours, student panels, campus open houses, new student orientations and advising/registration sessions.
Preferred Skills:   Must have completed one semester at UW-WC and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
Hours Needed: Will vary, based on schedule. Flexible schedule is needed, with ability to assist with events during the school day, late afternoon and evenings.
Contact: Tima Guled, Student Life and Events Coordinator 
Phone: 262-335-5212     

Learning Center-Tutor

Subjects: Writing, Math, Chemistry, Physics & other academic disciplines as needed.
Job Description: Provide supplemental academic assistance to students, either through one-on-one or small group interactions and maintaining accurate records.  May also include some Desk Worker responsibilities.
Academic Requirements: Good academic standing.
Preferred Skills:  Good oral and written communication skills, reliable, and able to work independently. A desire to assist fellow students.
Recommendation: A written recommendation from a UW-WC faculty member is required. 
Hours Needed: Based on student availability and Learning Center needs, (up to 10 hours per week).
Contact: Levon Hudson, Learning Commons Coordinator
Phone: 262-335-5206     

Campus Mascot - Willie the Wildcat!

Job Description:  Wear the campus mascot costume at various on and off campus events and interact with students and the public.
Required: Must be 5’6” to 6’3” in height and able to withstand wearing a warm costume.  
Preferred Skills: Prior experience preferred.  Must be reliable.  
Hours Needed: Hours vary based on events -some evenings & weekends required.
Contact: Debbie Butschlick, Athletic Director
Phone: (262) 335-5238     

Student Union Staff

Job Description:  Check out equipment and monitor use of the Student Union and TV Lounge.  May also be asked to assist with poster making, compiling information packets and mailings while working. If all work is complete, students may study while working.
Preferred Skills:  May be required to discipline their peers and should be able to fairly handle all students using the Student Union or TV lounge. Must be reliable and on time.
Hours Needed: Will vary based on schedule (tentative hours 10:00am-4:00pm, Monday through Friday). Will hire 6-10 students.
Contact: Tima Guled, Student Life and Events Coordinator
Phone: 262-335-5212     

Sports Officials (Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, etc.)

Job Description:  Manage and maintain fair play by enforcing the rules of that particular sport.  Make consistent and accurate calls for both teams during games.  Must be dependable and show up on time when games are scheduled. 
Preferred Skills:  Good knowledge of the rules of the sport, and may have played at a competitive level.  Officiating experience desired, not required.  Able to discipline peers & display good sportsmanship.
Hours Needed: Will vary based on schedule (games are normally 12:10-12:50 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays). Days may vary - depending upon when teams are playing.
Contact Person:  Debbie Butschlick, Athletic Director
Phone: (262) 335-5238
Contact: Debbie Butschlick, Athletic Director
Phone: 262-335-5238     

Gym & Weight Room Staff

Job Description:  Sweep & mop gym floor, clean & mop weight and storage rooms, help with noon activities, set up for evening school activities.
Preferred Skills: Self-motivated, listen to instructions, able to control their peers and must be on time.  
Hours Needed:  Will vary based on schedule (tentative hours: 9:00am-6:00pm, Monday through Friday).  Will hire 4-6 students. 
Contact: Debbie Butschlick, Athletic Director
Phone: 262-335-5238