Additional Fees

Student Responsibility

It is each student's responsibility to review the tuition policies. Late fees and withdrawal fees are assessed after the deadlines.

See Tuition Fee Information sheet (fall 2014)

  • No invoices are mailed. Check your PRISM  account for balance due.
  • Once you are registered, you are responsible for your tuition. If your plans change and you will not be attending, you must fully withdraw - the date that is recorded in PRISM is your official withdrawal date. 
  • Tuition must be received (not postmarked) on the due date.
  • For Fall 2014, the payment deadline is September 15, 2014.
  • Unless you have officially withdrawn, you are responsible for 100% of your tuition.
  • Students are not withdrawn from school for non-payment of tuition.
  • To avoid Late Fees, choose one of the payment options below:

Option 1 - Full Payment-Cash, check or money order can be paid in the Business Office.  Credit card and web check payments are accepted ONLY online (online payment instructions). We accept MasterCard and Discover.  There is a 2.5% convenience fee on the payment made for each credit/debit card payment made.  Payments made by web check are free, routing # and account # required.

Option 2 - Deferred Payment-For students whose financial aid has been awarded.  Financial aid may be waived if you meet certain qualifications.  Please check your PRISM account for current information as the deferment process is automated and updated nightly. If you have questions, please contact the campus Financial Aid Office.  If a balance is due, payment arrangements must be made by February 7, 2014.  It is your responsibility to monitor your financial aid processing.

Option 3 - Credit Agreement-For students who completed an agreement form in the past, your payment of $200 will automatically enroll you in the plan.  Students enrolling for the first time must submit a completed, signed form to the Business Office no later than 7pm on February 7, 2014.  There is a one-time $25 non-refundable enrollment charge.  The down-payment is $200.  Before you are officially enrolled in the plan, your signed credit agreement form  must be received in the Business Office and a $200 total payment must show on your PRISM account. 

Course Fee Information

Compressed Video & Distance Education Fees

An additional $15 per credit applies to all courses delivered via compressed video or Wisline to reflect extraordinary costs to maintain distance education equipment and networks.

Audit Fees

The fee schedule for audit courses is approximately 30% of resident fees and 50% of non-resident fees. Wisconsin residents, age 60 and over, may audit courses at no charge. (Special course fees still apply.) If enrolled for both credit and audit courses, all credits will be assessed at the credit rate.  Fall semester 2013 audit fees are estimated to be $59 per credit for Wisconsin residents. 

Special Course Fees (subject to change)

Spring 2014

  • ART 112 (PRISM #3571) Three-Dimensional Design, $20
  • ART 121 (PRISM #3572), Introduction to Painting, $20
  • ART 125 (PRISM #3573) Oil Painting, $20
  • ART 131 (PRISM #3574), Introduction to Sculpture, $30
  • ART 161 (PRISM #4729), Introduction to Photography, $10
  • ART 175 (PRISM #3575), Worlds of Art, No fee charged directly. Maximum $40 for fieldtrip.
  • ART 188 (PRISM #3576), Survey of Modern Art, No fee charged directly. Maximum $40 for fieldtrip.
  • ART 225 (PRISM 3578), Intermediate Oil Painting, $20
  • ART 254 (PRISM #3579), Intermediate Ceramics, $25
  • ART 261 (PRISM #4730), Intermediate Photography, $10
  • BIO 191 (PRISM #3584), Environmental Science, $28 for Fieldtrips
  • EGR 201 (PRISM #3759), Statics, $45 special fee for point-to-point course delivery
  • EGR 202 (PRISM #3760), Dynamics, $45 special fee for point-to-point course delivery
  • EGR 282 (PRISM #3761), Engineering Economics, $45 special fee for point-to-point course delivery
  • GEO 124 (PRISM 3646), Physical Geography Landforms, No fee charged directly. Maximum $25 for fieldtrip.
  • HES 123 (PRISM #3764), CPR, $19 for Red Cross Certification
  • SPA 205 (PRISM #3725), Fourth Semester Spanish, $60 special fee for point-to-point-course delivery


For questions regarding payment of tuition and fees, stop in the Business Office during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm, or phone (262) 335-5205.