Tutoring & Tutor Schedule

The Learning Center offers FREE tutoring to all currently enrolled UW-Washington County students.

Our goal is to enhance student learning outside of the classroom setting. Tutors are available for writing, math, and other academic areas based on student need. Tutors are hired because they have an interest in helping others and have been recommended by faculty as a good candidate. All tutors must go through a mandatory training session and maintain their own academic success. Tutors are available on a walk-in basis only.

Interested in learning more about becoming a peer tutor?  Complete a Tutor Application and return it to the Learning Center Coordinator in room 306. 

Tutor Schedule

Tutor Schedule week of 11/24! The Tutor Schedule is updated weekly and subject to change. The schedule is also posted on the bulletin board, located just outside of the Learning Center.  Tutors are not available during the summer or winterim terms, or when classes are otherwise not in session, i.e. holidays. Scroll down to see a short bio for each tutor!

How do I get help from a tutor?

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Check the Tutor Schedule on the board outside the Learning Center or online.  Come to the Learning Center in room #308 when the tutor is scheduled.
  2. Sign in on the iPad with your UserName and Password as you walk in.
  3. Look for the table tent with the subject you want tutoring in.  Let the tutor know what you need help with and have a seat!

Come Prepared

  • Bring all relevant materials to the tutoring session including textbooks, syllabus, class notes, assignments, etc.
  • Plan to be an active participant in your session with the tutor.
  • Academic success requires that you attend class, read assignments, take class notes, and attempt homework problems.

Things to Remember

  • Tutors are NOT homework machines or miracle workers.
  • Tutors will NOT have the answer to every question all of the time.
  • Tutors are NOT the professor of your class.
  • If you procrastinate all semester, working and cramming with a tutor the week before finals will NOT produce great results.

Helpful Resources

Disclaimer:  These links are provided as an additional resource, and do not imply endorsement.

Meet Your Tutor

Professor Vachuska (Math)

Tutor Hours: TTh 9-10

Professor Thapa (Math)

Tutor Hours: T 11-12

Professor Cahill (Math)

Tutor Hours: M 1-3

BRETT (Math, Physics, Writing, German)

Tutor Hours: MTWTh 9-10am, Th 12-1, F 1-2

Major: Software Engineering

Plans after UWWC: Transfer to UW Madison

Courses I will tutor: Any Math, Physics, German, (English/Writing as needed)

Random Facts about me: My name is Brett and I like warm hugs

CASEY (Math, Engineering, Chemistry 125)

Tutor Hours: MWF 9-11am

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Plans after UWWC: I aspire to one day become an Engineering Professor

Courses I will tutor: Math 091 -110, Engineering 105, Chemistry 125, CPS130

Random Facts about me: I enjoy the outdoors, 4 wheeling, fishing, and spending time with family

 FAITH (Writing)

Tutor Hours:  MWF 11-1

Major:  Kinesiology

Plans after UWWC:  Transfer to UW Milwaukee for my bachelor’s degree, then to graduate school for DPT

Courses I will tutor:  English/Writing

Random fact about me:  Throughout my life I have never lived in one area more than three years

JENN (Writing)

Tutor Hours:  MW 10-11 & 1-3, TTh 10-11 & 1-2

Major: Spanish Education 

Plans after UWWC: Attend UW Madison to finish up my degree, then probably move to Chicago.

Courses I will Tutor: English/Writing, Spanish, Math 098, 105 and 108, and I can help with Psychology, Sociology, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Random fact about me: I have dual citizenship in the US and UK! My favorite shows are The Office, Bob's Burgers, and Orange is the New Black

LYDIA (Math, Physics, Writing)

Tutor Hours:  M 11-12, W 11-12 & 2-4, TTh 10-11 & 2-4

Major: Natural Resource Major

Plans after UWWC: Transfer to UW Steven’s Point, graduate, and save the world

Courses I will tutor: Math (through MAT 221), Physics, and Engineering 201 (I can help with the occasional English/Writing or German as needed)

Random Fact about me: I hugged a tree once

MARY (Anatomy)

Tutor Hours:  M 10-11, W 12-1, F 10-11

Major: Biomedical Science

Plans after UWWC: Transfer to UW Milwaukee for radiology

Courses I will tutor: Human Anatomy

Random Fact about me: I was a machinist for 7 years and I have a 10 year old daughter

MITCH (Math , English)

Tutor Hours: MTWRTh 2-4, F 2-3 

Major: Electrical Engineering

Plans after UWWC: Graduate from here via Platteville Extension Program, then get a rockin' job

Courses I will tutor: Math (up to 221) and all English/Writing

Random Fact about me: I currently have five pets; two dogs, two cats, and a turtle

NOAH (Math, Writing, Chinese, Spanish, Economics)

Tutor Hours:  MT 12-1, W 12-2, F 9-3

Major: International Business

Plans after UWWC: Transfer to a 4-Year University, not sure where

Courses I will Tutor: Spanish, Chinese (up to CHI 105), Math (up to MAT 222), English/Writing, Economics (ECO 203 and 204)

Random fact about me: I really like to eat Watermelon

RYAN (Math, Writing, Computer Science, German, Philosophy, Physics, Astronomy, Engineering)

Tutor Hours: M 10-1, Th 1-4, F 11-1

Major: Astronomy-Physics, Philosophy, German

Plans after UWWC: Employment in the Physical Sciences

Courses I will Tutor: Math, Physics, Engineering, German, Philosophy, English, Writing, CPS 130 & CPS 139, Astronomy 

Random Fact about Me: Worked as a research assistant in a town of 140 with absolutely no electromagnetic radiation allowed; no radio, cell phones, microwaves, etc (it was an observational radio astronomy site).

STEVE (Math, Philosophy)

Tutor Hours:  M 10-11 & 1-2, W 9-10 & 1-2, Th 12-1, F 9-12

Major: Philosophy

Plans after UWWC: Transfer to UW Milwaukee

Courses I will tutor: Math 091-110, 113, Psychology 202, Philosophy 101, and Philosophy 201

Random fact about me: I’ve done martial arts for the past ten years and love to write poetry

TY (Math)

Tutor Hours: M 3:15-4, T 11-1, Th 11-1 & 2-4

Major: Mechanical Engineering (minor in psychology)

Plans after UWWC: Maybe transfer to U of Minnesota

Courses I will tutor: Math through 110, Physics, Engineering 105

Random fact about me: I played in a band for 5 years and continue to compose my own music