Tutoring & Tutor Schedule

The Learning Center offers FREE tutoring to all currently enrolled UW-Washington County students.

Our goal is to enhance student learning outside of the classroom setting. Tutors are available for writing, math, and other academic areas based on student need. Tutors are hired because they have an interest in helping others and have been recommended by faculty as a good candidate. All tutors must go through a mandatory training session and maintain their own academic success. Tutors are available on a walk-in basis only.

Interested in learning more about becoming a peer tutor?  Complete a Tutor Application and return it to the Learning Center Coordinator in room 306. 

Tutor Schedule

Tutor Schedule (week of 9/29)!  The Tutor Schedule is updated weekly and subject to change. The schedule is also posted on the bulletin board, located just outside of the Learning Center.  Tutors are not available during the summer or winterim terms, or when classes are otherwise not in session, i.e. holidays.

How do I get help from a tutor?

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Check the Tutor Schedule on the board outside the Learning Center or online.  Come to the Learning Center in room #308 when the tutor is scheduled.
  2. Sign in on the iPad with your UserName and Password as you walk in.
  3. Look for the table tent with the subject you want tutoring in.  Let the tutor know what you need help with and have a seat!

Come Prepared

  • Bring all relevant materials to the tutoring session including textbooks, syllabus, class notes, assignments, etc.
  • Plan to be an active participant in your session with the tutor.
  • Academic success requires that you attend class, read assignments, take class notes, and attempt homework problems.

Things to Remember

  • Tutors are NOT homework machines or miracle workers.
  • Tutors will NOT have the answer to every question all of the time.
  • Tutors are NOT the professor of your class.
  • If you procrastinate all semester, working and cramming with a tutor the week before finals will NOT produce great results.

Helpful Resources

Disclaimer:  These links are provided as an additional resource, and do not imply endorsement.