Helpful Courses

The course offerings vary each semester, so check out the Course Schedule for current course content.

LEA 102 Learning Skills

Recommended for all students taking ENG 098. This is a non-degree credit, skills-based course. The primary goal for the course is to improve academic success by developing effective study habits, cultivate better time management skills, and familiarize students with the assistance available to them. 
Students will have an opportunity to learn about:

  • Recognizing the differences between high school and college expectations.
  • Study skills, learning styles, critical thinking, note taking, reading and test preparation.
  • Life skills with a focus on time management, diversity, AODA, finances, and career planning.

LEA 103 College Reading and Study Strategies

A reading-intensive course that helps students develop effective strategies for reading textbooks and non-fiction texts, taking notes, studying for exams, and taking tests.