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Hours & Location

2 students in learning centerMonday 9am-4pm

Tuesday 9am-4pm

 Wednesday 8:30am-4pm

 Thursday 9am-4pm

 Friday 8:30am-3pm

Closed Saturdays, Sundays, Winter Term, and Summer Term

 Check the Tutor Schedule for specific tutor availability (see below). 

The Learning Center is located on the third floor of the Collins Science Hall. Take the elevator or stairs to the third floor and look for Room 308.  Still not sure? Just ask someone in the Student Affairs office or check out the map below.

Room Map: Level Three of Campus

Tutoring & the Tutor Schedule

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Interested in being part of a team that works toward a shared goal of enhanced student learning? Tutors are needed each semester. Pick up an application in the Learning Center, room 308, or print one off here - Tutor Application - Return the Tutor Application to the Learning Center Coordinator in room 306. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Learning Center is to promote and support the academic environment of The University of Wisconsin-Washington County by providing free and confidential student-centered instruction in writing, mathematics, and other academic areas to currently enrolled students. This is made possible by empowering students to make strides in their education through the use of face-to-face interactions between students and tutors.

The goal of The Learning Center is to enhance student learning outside of the classroom setting.

Visit the Learning Center today! We are looking forward to seeing you!

Contact Us

Michelle Appel
UW-WC Learning Center Coordinator

(262) 335-5250 x306


(262) 335-5250 x308