UW-Washington County Mission Statement

Preparing students for lifelong success and enriching our community.

UW Colleges Mission Statement

The University of Wisconsin Colleges is a multi-campus institution that prepares students for success at the baccalaureate level of education, provides the first two years of a liberal arts general education that is
accessible and affordable, and advances the Wisconsin Idea by bringing the resources of the University to the people of the state and the communities that provide and support its campuses.


  1. To excel at delivering a liberal arts general education associate degree that prepares students for transfer to baccalaureate-granting institutions and professional programs
  2. To emphasize teaching excellence including the development, use, and assessment of effective teaching methods
  3. To prepare students for lifelong learning, leadership, service and responsible citizenship
  4. To foster scholarly activity that supports the mission of the University of Wisconsin Colleges
  5. To serve the people of Wisconsin by promoting continuing education and outreach in Wisconsin communities
  6. To participate in collaborative relationships with other University of Wisconsin System institutions, the Wisconsin Technical College System, private colleges, and K-12 public schools in order to maximize educational opportunities and resources for the people of Wisconsin
  7. To serve the needs of ethnically diverse students, students with disabilities and nontraditional students
  8. To make available as a service to business, industry and the general public, the unique professional expertise of the faculty and staff
  9. To provide opportunities for civic and cultural enrichment in the communities that support its campuses.

Approved by the UW Colleges Senate
January 15, 2003

Approved by the UW Regents
May 7, 2004


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